German Program

Willkommen beim Deutschprogramm - Welcome to the German program!

We are a small program with engaged and enthusiastic students and two experienced and motivated professors, who are native speakers from Germany and Austria respectively. The program offers students a minor in German language. During the first four semesters our focus is on the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing German. Understanding grammatical structures and using them accurately is essential to our approach. At the same time students learn to communicate effectively in the target language right from the very beginning. We also introduce our students to a variety of historical and cultural topics during these initial years. Upper division courses build on the skills learned in the beginning, and the intermediate level and strengthens and expands those skills. Classes cover topics from German literature to the current political and cultural issues that are part of the discourse in German speaking countries. Our conversation class is designed to support and empower students' ability of speaking and comprehending the German language and expressing their opinions and ideas with increasing ease.

While Gonzaga does not offer a study abroad program in Germany, we help and support students to join study abroad programs from other universities and encourage summer programs with the Goethe Institute in a variety of German cities.

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Ute Perz-Owens
Program Director
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Lisa Meyer
Sr. Faculty Assistant
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