Student Leadership Conference, Sept. 9th, 2012

Gonzaga's Community of Leader's Hosts the 1st Annual

Student Leadership Conference:

"Leadership for Transformation"

Sunday, Sept. 9,

1pm Keynote, Cataldo Globe Room

2-5pm Workshops in Jepson, 5pm Free Dinner!

TJ Sullivan
T.J. Sullivan,
1pm, Cataldo Globe Room
Keynote speaker & Author of
 Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in College Student Organizations
All GU students are invited to attend this half-day leadership conference which is designed to empower and equip student leaders with knowledge, resources, opportunities and networks for successful leadership experiences on and off campus.
FREE for all Gonzaga Students

 or call x4156 or


You will be able to choose from the following 50 minute conference workshops. Five different workshops will run concurrently per hour between 2:20-5:20pm:

The Apathy Myth; Going Further into the Middle        
Leadership for Transformation                                 
Ignatius Meets Stephen Covey: Imagination and Evaluation                              
How to Lead Meaningful Reflection for Your Club   
How to Organize a Service Project                
Transformational Conflict Resolution                               
Transform Your Club Meetings                                                                 
Authentic Leadership: Aligning Action with Values   
Leadership Beyond Your Resume: How to Create a Legacy, Not Just an Opportunity
Adaptive Leadership                                      
DiSC Personality Assessment for Effective Leadership                                 
Exploring Me- Cultural Competence for Student Leaders                                                                          
Risk Management for Club Sports                 
Role Modeling the Way: Leadership in the Fishbowl
Male Involvement

Join us after the workshops at 5:20 for a free Taco Bar dinner outside on the lawn west of Jepson.