Get Involved FAQ

1 . How do I get involved?^

The best place to start is to check out the Gonzaga COMMUNITY website at www.gonzaga.edu/community. This lists all the recognized student clubs and organizations along with their events and contact information. Additionally, this site has many other departments and programs that offer student events or opportunities for involvement. You can also come by the Office of Student Activities located on the second floor of the Crosby Student Center room 200 or contact us at 509-313-6123 or studentactivities@gonzaga.edu. If you have never been involved, ask an upperclassman for more information on the various student activities--they are a good resource.

2 . How involved should I be during my first year of college?^

Greatly depends on you, and how much time you have. As a first year student, it is key to get adjusted to your living arragement and settling in to your classes. Your first semester is a good time to look into clubs and organizations that are geared towards your interest(s) and/or major(s).

3 . How do I join a club or organization?^

You can join most clubs directly by logging onto the Gonzaga Community website using your Gonzaga username and password. You can also find contact information for all the clubs and organizations in case you want to find out more before you join.

4 . How do I start a new club?^

If ten or more Gonzaga students have a similar area of interest and would like to form a club on campus, they need to attend a mandatory meeting to get all the necessary information and deadlines. To find out when the next available meeting is, contact the GSBA Clubs Office at gsba-clubs@gonzaga.edu or call 509-313-4087.

5 . How do I plan a campus activity sponsored by my club or organization?^

To plan a campus-wide event, there is an event checklist that can be obtained in the GSBA Club Office located in the Crosby Student Center room 200. Gonzaga recognized organziations may reserve facilities through Campus Services at 509-313-6854. All student club and organization events must be submitted through the Gonzaga Community webside and approved by the Office of Student Activities.