Project REAL Grant

REAL OPPEN: Just the facts


Social Justice Social Norms Marketing Campaign provides students with accurate information regarding student norms. This includes issues around Community, Responsibility to Friends, Drinking, Volunteering, and Spirituality. The information used is obtained from a campus wide survey.  Posters placed in high-traffic areas of campus are one way this information is conveyed to students.  See our most recent posters below, or follow the link to view some other posters from past surveys.

92 percent of GU students think you can do a lot to change society97 percent of GU students are willing to be a designated driver86 percent of GU students drink once a week or less

91 percent of students think it is important to integrate spirituality into their lives71 percent of GU students have 4 drinks or less when they go outGU students get involved

94 percent of GU students would call for help in an alcohol emergency

Frequently Asked Questions about the Survey
When does the survey go out?
            Surveys are given and information is gathered throughout the year at late night events, Orientation, and in Spring semester through a campus wide survey.
Who takes the surveys?
            Any students who attend late night program activities, generally 75% of freshmen, randomly selected students who are asked to participate in the campus wide survey and choose to do so.
Is the survey anonymous?
            YES. The survey is done through a company called Student Voice. Gonzaga University Offices never have the capability to see who sent in a survey and who did not, nor can they see the individual answers that were provided.
Do people lie on the survey?
            People do not generally lie on the survey. If people do not feel enough trust to answer honestly, they normally do not fill out the survey.