On-Campus Living
Residency Requirement

Residency Requirement

Gonzaga University promotes the development of the “whole” persons and believes that living and interacting with diverse individuals outside the classroom is an integral part of the educational experience. To further this goal, Gonzaga offers a vibrant and close knit on-campus community where students may develop close and supportive relationships, meet new people, interact with faculty and staff in a non-classroom setting and access extracurricular programs and activities conveniently. Therefore, Gonzaga University requires students to reside in on-campus facilities and to participate in a meal plan if they:

  1. Have less than 4 terms of on-campus living experience (summer session excluded) at Gonzaga of other university[1] by August 1 for an academic year agreement or January 1 for a spring only agreement,


  1. Are less than 21 years of age as of August 1 for an academic year agreement or January 1 for a spring only agreement.

The university recognizes that under some circumstances, living and dining on-campus is not prudent (student living with immediate family, married, financial hardship, medical condition). Therefore, the university offers a process where students subject to the residency requirement may request an exemption from the meal plan or on-campus living and the meal plan.

[1] Housing and Residence Life does not have access to information about any prior on-campus living experience at other universities. To declare this prior experience, you will need contact Housing and Residence Life, housing@gonzaga.edu, 509-313-4103.

Note: Gonzaga University does not guarantee on-campus living to students (including transfer and international students) who have met the on-campus residency requirement as outlined above.