Residence Communities

Gonzaga offers many different residential communities to meet the needs of students.

Traditional Style Residence Halls

These communities are traditional in the sense that they may be of the same style as the residences your parents may have lived in if they attended college. They are distinguished by bedroom rooms located on either side of a central corridor and a community bathroom that serves the floor.  Traditional residence halls tend to be more popular with 1st year residents.

Suite Style Residence Halls

This style of hall offers a suite of two or three bedrooms that share an adjacent bathroom. In most cases, the suites are accessible from an interior common space, although there are some with bedrooms that open directly from the exterior of the building. Suite style halls tend to be popular with 2nd year residents.


These communities offer what you'd expect in apartment style living--living room, bathroom, kitchens. Most of the apartments are two and three bedroom units, however, there are also a few one, four, and five bedroom units. For students still subject to the residency requirement, most bedrooms will be double occupancy. For students who have fulfilled the residency requirement, most bedrooms are single occupancy. Apartment style living is popular with 2nd year residents as well as those who have fulfilled the residency requirement. The Housing and Residence Life staff does not recommend that 1st year residents select apartment style living as a preference.

All of the communities offer the standard amenities--furnishings, network access, cable TV and phone service.

2012-13 On-Campus Residence Communities
Building Style [1] Building Gender Approx. Capacity Special Theme or Interest % 1st Sem. Residents Fall 2010-11
301 Boone Apartment Coed by Apt 21   0%
Alliance Traditional Female 43   81%
Burch [2] Apartment Coed by Apt 110   5%
Campion Traditional Male 35   94%
Catherine/Monica Traditional Coed by Floor 372 97%
Chardin Suite Coed by Suite 52   51%
Coughlin Traditional Coed by Wing 325 Cura Personalis, Encountering Cultures, Learning to Lead, Men & Women for Others 50%
Corkery [2] Apartment Coed by Apt 152   5%
Crimont Traditional Coed by Floor 97   91%
Cushing Suite Coed by Suite 52   42%
Desmet Traditional Male 160   44%
Dillon Suite Coed by Suite 90 7%
Dooley Suite Coed by Suite 106   55%
Dussault Suite Coed by Suite 201 7%
Goller Suite Coed by Suite 91 Engineering 40%
Kennedy [2] Apartment Coed by Apt 418   4%
Lincoln Traditional Female 43   88%
Madonna Traditional Coed by Floor 148   48%
Marian Traditional Coed by Floor 95 Outdoor and Leadership 63%

River Inn

Coed by Floor 80   55%
Roncalli Traditional Male 42   93%
Sharp Apt Apartment Coed by Apt 33   9%
Sharp House Apartment Female 14   0%
Twohy Suite Coed by Suite 90   1%
Welch Traditional Female 151   41%

[1] Traditional style halls have a centralized bathroom on each floor. In suite style halls, two or three bedrooms share a common bathroom within a suite.

[2] Reserved for students who have met the residency requirement. The remaining buildings are reserved for students still subject to the residency requirement.

Individuals needing information about disability accessible housing facilities can contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life at (509) 323-4103 or via email at