Student Life Peer Conduct Board

The Student Life Peer Conduct Board (SLPCB) is a panel of undergraduate students who hear conduct cases for alleged violations of policy, as described in the Gonzaga University Student Handbook, Residence Living Application/Agreement, and other University documents.  These Board members also make recommendations for appropriate sanctions to the Advisor/Conduct Officer.  Board members will receive training and support in order to be successful in the position.  The SLPCB is an opportunity for students, as peers, to serve the GU student body by determining when student conduct violates our policies and values, and by helping to determine educational opportunities for those students to learn from those experiences.  The Board must have at least three (3) student members, but may have more.  The Advisor, also a Residence Director, may advise more than one Board at a time.  Each Board will schedule a common hearing time once per week and usually in the evening, but typically will not convene every week.  The application process will take place at the beginning of the Fall term, and will be announced in Morning Mail.  The selection process will include a written application, and, for candidates who progress to the subsequent phase, an interview with the Advisor.  All on- and off-campus students are eligible to apply.