Moving In to an Off-Campus Location

Here are a few things to think about as moving-in day arrives:

Once you know where you are going to be living, arrange with utility companies for any services (such as gas, electric, water, telephone and cable) that are not provided by your landlord. You may ask the landlord or neighbors who provided services in the past. Phone several weeks ahead to insure that the services will be in effect when you move in.

Before you move in, it is a good idea to check for rodents and other pests. If your place needs to be exterminated, you may prefer that it be done before all of your belongings are moved in. For those of you living off campus for the first time in your lives, please don't get the impression that if pests exists that the place is run down. Pests exist everywhere. Pests are creatures native to our living environments but which we try to keep from invading our living spaces. Even on campus facilities are regularly fumigated or exterminated when students are gone. Practically anywhere in the country, landlords or all types need to attend to this part of property ownership. The usual pests are ants, spiders and such in this area, but don't be surprised or disgusted if others are present. Most can be eliminated with a modest extermination protocol and most landlords are helpful in this regard when they have been notified of the problem. Remember that your landlord does not live in the unit and may indeed not know of the issue.

If you plan to receive mail at you new location, display your name on the mailbox. Otherwise, the US Postal Service will not deliver there.

Complete an Apartment Conditions Statement to record the conditions of your living arrangements when you first move in. Apartment Conditions Statement is a checklist of damages noted in detail of the apartment before moving in and is then completed once again at the termination of the tenancy. (Use this form with sublettors so you can continue to keep track of any damages that might occur during the summer.) Be aware that some landlords do not use such a document. These are the types of landlords you truly want to use a document like this with so that they will not charge you fees and penalties at check out. It is your agreement on conditions. A sample document is included in this category of information and you are welcomed to download it for your use.