Here are some reminders if you are planning to sublet your apartment:
  • Be sure to include your summer telephone number everywhere you list. List your sublets as early as possible.

  • Do not assume you can sublet. Your landlord may not allow subletting. If this is not specifically addressed in your lease or agreement document, you should discuss this with your landlord prior to making such arrangements. If it is mentioned in lease documents, you need to attend to your responsibilities as listed in that section of the agreement you have with your landlord or trouble may arise.

  • Make a nice notice, including all important details. XEROX several copies, post them on campus in the Housing Office which maintains a bulletin board for drop in students to use to find off campus housing accommodations. Also, consider posting in laundromats, supermarkets, and on bulletin boards everywhere, in local newspapers, including the campus newspaper. Some leases prohibit subletting. Check with your landlord as to his/her requirements or procedures before subletting and check your lease to be sure you are allowed to sublet. If not, get your landlord's permission in writing.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, make sure that you sign a sublet agreement. This insures that the sublessee is legally obligated to you. You are still obligated to your landlord so if the sublessee does not pay, you will be expected to pay!! In fact, many landlords will require rent from you directly whether or not you have a sublettor. Remember, you remain liable for all obligations until your sublettor(s) leave.

  • Try to get as much rent up front as possible, as well as a security deposit to cover possible damages.

  • The landlord has the right to approve any sublessee (the person to whom you are subletting). However, his/her approval must be based on a financial assessment not any discriminatory factors.

  • Some landlords charge a fee to allow their tenants to sublet. This is legal.

  • It is easier to sublet your apartment if you leave it furnished.

  • You might consider lowering the price of your rent and/or negotiating other costs (parking, utilities, etc.) to make your apartment more attractive.