Moving Out

Here are a few reminders for when you plan to leave/move out:
  • If you are planning to move out, you must give 30 days' notice to your landlord, even if your lease expires. You may want to get the landlord's acknowledgement in writing for your files.

  • When your lease has expired, be sure to clean the premises thoroughly before leaving your rented unit. You can expect to be charged late for any damage or additional cleaning. Do no leave any garbage or personal furnishings in the place, for anything that does not belong to the landlord will probably be considered trash and you may be charged for its removal. The law gives landlords quite a bit of leeway to decide the cost of such service.

  • Return all keys to the landlord immediately. If you keep your keys, the landlord may decide not to return your entire security deposit among other charges depending on your lease or rental agreement.

  • Be sure to cancel all utility services, for you may be charged for use after you have vacated.

  • Leave a contact address with the college registrar, the US Post Office, your landlord and all utility companies to insure a good reference if ever needed. Be sure to change your address with the university and with your local post office.

  • Make an appointment with your landlord to jointly inspect the apartment and compare the condition with the Apartment Condition Inventory sheet you completed when you first moved in. If you cannot get the landlord to inspect the apartment, have an impartial witness inspect it with you. You may also want to take pictures if you feel there may be problems.

  • When you move out, be sure to have written proof of the condition of the apartment. Consider taking photographs that demonstrate its cleanliness. It would also be wise to complete another Apartment Condition Statement.