Off-Campus FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1 . I heard about the chronic nuisance ordinance, how does it affect me?^

If you receive three nuisance activity reports in sixty (60) days your lease can be immediately terminated by your landlord.  A fine will also be given to your landlord from the city which in turn will most likely be passed on to you.

For more information about the chronic nuisance ordinance click on the following link:

2 . If I have a problem with my landlord how can I resolve it?^

We would encourage you to communicate with your landlord first – preferably in writing.  If this is unsuccessful  you can make an appointment with the Student Development office and if that fails, we would refer you to the Center for Justice ( where they can help you with landlord-tenant issues.

3 . I have a roommate conflict and I want to move out but I have a lease, what do I do?^

We would first encourage you to try and work out any problems with your roommate.  If the problem continues you can talk with your landlord and maybe something could be done with your lease.  Ultimately you agreed to live with your roommate and need to resolve these problems on your own.

4 . My roommate is not paying rent/bills/etc what can I do?^

Communicate with you roommate!!!  If this is unsuccessful talk with your landlord, communicate your problem with them to try and resolve the problem that way.

5 . I’m moving out where can I put useable goods (beds/couches/desks/etc)?^

Every year the Student Development Office has a program , “Clean our Scene” to help rid useable goods from houses in the neighborhood.  Please call the Student Development Office (x4100) for times as they change every year.

6 . I could not get housing on-campus, where can I find housing off-campus?^

You can go to one of two places to find off-campus housing.  The first is the off-campus housing board outside the Student Development Office (CH 120).  The second is Gonzaga’s Off-Campus website, you can find it here:

Gonzaga also owns some off-campus housing.  You can check the listing here: