Zag Services

/Gonzaga students have special access to 3 different websites that are vital tools and act as important resources.

ZagMail is Gonzaga's e-mail service. ZagMail has a Gmail interface and allows students to contact their peers, staff and faculty quickly and easily. Once you have made your confirmation deposit, be on the lookout for a piece of physical mail that includes confirmation of your deposit and instructions that will guide you through the steps that are necessary to activate your ZagMail account. Once your ZagMail has been activated, please get into the habit of checking it regularly as important information will be sent to it. As a student, ZagMail is used for all official communication purposes within the University, but can also be used as your personal e-mail if you wish.
  • If you have any issues or questions regarding your ZagMail account and the creation of or simply access to it, please contact the IT Support Center by sending an email to or calling 509-313-5550.
  • If you would like to get ahead on things, it is recommended that you subscribe yourself to Gonzaga's daily web service called MorningMail. To do this, visit this link, click the "All-UG-L" link then follow the instructions. MorningMail is a tool that is utilized by various departments, clubs and organizations on campus to get information out to students. Come August, all active ZagMail addresses will be automatically added to the list but if you would like to start to get a feel about what things are happening on campus, subscribe to MorningMail today!
  • Your ZagMail credentials (without the "" ending) will also allow you access to Gonzaga's secured wi-fi network on campus.

ZagWeb is Gonzaga's web information system. Though ZagWeb, students can register for courses, view their grades and unofficial transcripts, and access financial aid and student accounts information. If you would like to learn more about ZagWeb, visit this link.
ZagLiving is Gonzaga's housing portal. For incoming students, ZagLiving is the place where you will fill out your housing application that will state your preference in terms of which residence hall you would like to live in and who you would potentially like to have as a roommate. ZagLiving can be accessed through ZagWeb by following these steps:
  1. Go to ZagWeb
  2. Click Enter Secure Area and log in
  3. Click Student and Financial Aid
  4. Click Housing and Residence Life
  5. Click ZagLiving
Incoming students are strongly enouraged to fill out their housing applications as soon as possible because housing accomodations are made on a rolling basis. The date that Housing takes into consideration when they make housing assignments is the date that you, as a student, 'accept' the terms and conditions at the very end of the housing application. If you were accepted in the early action pool of applicants, you also have priority over the general pool as housing assignments are made.

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