FYE Core Meet the Team

O-Core 2014

FYE Core 2015 Mission Statement:

Gonzaga’s 2015 New Student Orientation empowers students to ignite their Gonzaga spirit through intellectual, social, and personal development. FYE Core aspires to provide opportunities of engagement between the new students and the Gonzaga community, learning from one another in reciprocal relationship through questioning, conversation, kinship, and support.

Orientation challenges new Zags to embrace their experience, utilize their resources, ignite their passions, and ignite their potential.

Gonzaga's New Student Orientation is planned by five current students who are known on campus as "FYE Core". FYE Core is your go-to resource and communication liaison for any questions, concerns or general wonderings that you may have about Gonzaga. This year's team is comprised of:

Kevin McFeely
Kevin McFeely, Activities Manager

Why Kevin joined FYE Core:

I loved Orientation from the moment we meet. For me, Orientation is about community, openness and, friendliness and being a member of FYE Core is about trying to embody these traits and spread them to our group leaders and by extension, the new students. Who doesn't want 1000 new friends?

Garick Sherburn
Garick Sherburn, Small Groups and Catering Manager

Why Garick joined FYE Core:

I was seeking a way to get more involved on campus and I love everything about Orientation! I love meeting new people and sharing this wonderful community with my friends and family!

Megan Soldati
Megan Soldati, Academics and Special Populations Manager

Why Megan joined FYE Core:

I love the nervous excitement of the new students and the happy reunions of the group leaders. Orientation is my favorite way to start of the school year; the community reminds me why I love my school so much. I joined FYE Core so that I can be apart of something greater than myself; to welcome the new students into this community and family who has given me so many opportunities these past few years, and continues to challenge and shape me into becoming a better Jesuit student, Zag, servant leader, and active member of my communities.

Meghan Montelibano
Meghan Montelibano, Public Relations Manager

Why Meghan joined FYE Core:

It's honestly quite simple: I love Gonzaga. Gonzaga has instilled in me to be a servant-leader. My Gonzaga experience has provided me a foundation in Jesuit values, the ability to think critically, and conduct myself with great heart and right conscience. I want to convey these values to our incoming Freshmen, and explain that Gonzaga is a place to fortify not only one's mind, but their spirit.