Loft Kits + Bunk Beds


Each on-campus bedroom has a twin sized bed (except for Kennedy which has full sized bed). The supplied mattress may be longer than standard length so extra long sheets are recommended (except for Kennedy where the bed is standard length). The university has a limited number of beds available for the very tall (6' 4" or above).

Bunking Beds

Most beds are are capable of "bunking" or the stacking one bedframe on top of another (except  those in Kennedy, Corkery, and the black metal frame beds in Crimont).  Special "bunking" pins are required and available at Plant Services, Customer Service Desk, x5656. Custodial is always happy to assist any students who wish to bunk their beds.  Please call x5652 to request for custodial to bunk your beds.  You will need to provide us with your name, your building and room number, which side of the room you'd like the beds bunked, and a phone number to reach you.

Loft Kits (university supplied)

The beds in many of the buildings may be "lofted" such that the bed is raised significantly off the floor to provide more space beneath the bed (some students choose to relocate their desk or moveable dresser underneath). To loft a bed, university staff must install extension to the legs of the bedframe and special reinforcing supports. The university has a limited number of loft kits that may be reserved for use over the school year.  These lofts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The beds in in apartment style living will not be lofted.

The loft kit reservation number is 509-313-5652, or x5652 from an on-campus phone. To reserve a loft, you must call this number and leave a message with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The name of your residence building
  3. Your room number
  4. The side of the room you would like your bed to be on (if you are standing in the doorway looking into your room, would you like your bed on the left or the right?).
  5. A phone number you can be reached at. 

Please understand that simply leaving a message does not guarantee that you will receive a loft. Within 36 hours of leaving a message, you will be contacted by Custodial and advised of your status on the Reservation List.

Custodial sets up all lofts to ensure that they are safely put together.  We will not "drop off" a kit to let students assemble it.  You SHOULD NOT give your unwanted lofts or parts of the lofts to other students. The loft has been checked out in your name, and you are responsible for seeing it returned to Custodial in order to avoid the $186 replacement fee.  Once you have received and signed for the loft kit, you are responsible for it.

Once assembled, Custodial will leave two forms attached to the loft kit. The first form will detail how to return the loft kit at the end of the Spring semester (or earlier in the year at your preference) - it is a good idea to hold on to this form to ensure you are not charged for the loft.  The second form will be a confirmation slip.  It is to be filled out and signed, indicating that you have received your loft and understands that it is to be returned in Spring.  This slip can be dropped off into Campus Mail, and will be returned to Custodial.

To return a loft kit to Custodial that you are responsible for, please call the message line, 509-313-5652.  You should again give your name, building and room number, side of the room, and contact information along with the information that you have a loft to be picked up.  Custodial will return your call to confirm that you have been credited for your loft.  If you do not receive a call back within 36 hours, please feel free to contact Craig at 313-5658 or Beth at 313-5659 with any questions.

Below are pictures of standard dorm beds in various states of height:

High-Lofted Dorm bed    Bunked Loft Bed

Lofted                                                                                Bunked

Standard Dorm Bed    Lofted Dorm Bed

Lowest position                                                            Highest position