Center Services

What does the center do?

  • Provides educational resources: books, journals, magazines, videos, and CDs
  • Coordinates educational programs related to gender and sexual  identity
  • Provides opportunities for community engagements such as a high school LGBT mentorship program
  • Provides support for students with issues related to sexual orientation or gender/ identity expression
  • Provides Safe Space training for faculty and staff of GU who wish to be knowledgeable referral resources for LGBT students
  • Provides information, resources, and support for students, staff and faculty with issues related to sexual orientation or gender/identity expression
  • Provides speakers for panel discussions, events, or classes

What is in the center? 

  • A safe space for students to find support and resources
  • Informational brochures on local and national resources for the LGBT community
  • Student lounge and meeting space with computer, TV, and publications
  • A book and video library related to sexual orientation and gender/identity expression that ranges from fiction to educational material.