As an ambulatory health care facility on campus we encourage students to schedule an appointment to access care quickly and easily with the physician, nurse practitioner or nurses. Walk-ins will be accommodated. All of your records are confidential and are separate from your academic record.

Also effective June 1st, we will now be charging a fee for all "No-Shows"- that is, you had an appointment at the Health Center with the Physician or the Family Nurse Practitioner, that you did not show up for, and failed to call to cancel. We will charge for that missed appointment by billing student accounts.


Only currently registered Gonzaga students are eligible for services. Students must present their Gonzaga University Student Identification card prior to each visit.


All students born after 1956 are required to provide documentation of two measles (rubeola) inoculations or MMR. Subsequent registration will be held for non-compliance.

The other immunizations are not mandatory but are recommended as routine preventative care. Meningitis vaccine is also suggested for first year students living in the residence halls. Please visit the Center for Disease Control website pertaining to their recommendations.

If you are a new student, please download the Immunization Record and return it the Health Center by Aug 1st.

Download the Immunization Form


Brochures are all readily available for your convenience at the Health Center and in Crosby Student Center.


All referrals outside the Health Center, emergency or otherwise, may be covered under the individual medical insurance plan. It is up to the individual to verify out of area insurance coverage and they will be responsible for any expenses incurred. For any after hours care or referral, you may need to consult with your primary care physician for pre-authorization to confirm your insurance coverage. Transportation to an urgent care facility after hours can be arranged by calling the Gonzaga Security at (509)313-5878 and requesting a Health Ride.


The laws of confidentiality of the State of Washington cover all medical records. There can be no discussion or transfer of a student medical record without the student's written consent. This includes parents calling to inquire about a student's health. You may ask to review your record with the physician and make corrections.

Services Provided are:
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute illnesses and minor injuries by a Board Certified Family Physician and Family Nurse Practitioner.
  • Sports Physicals and general health screening for both women and men, including sexually transmitted infections (STI's)
  • The Health Center providers may order imaging or laboratory testing from health facilities located outside of the Health Center. The fees for these tests are not included in the Health Center visit fee and the patient will be billed separately by the providing health facility
  • Consultation by Registered Nurses
  • Health education
  • Referral to Specialists
  • Sharps containers (exchange and disposal) are available at no charge, to students on campus with chronic health issues that may require injectable medications. For more information contact the Student Health Center at (509)313-4066
  • Expired Medication Disposal - Please bring your expired medications the the Student Health Center for proper disposal. It is not recommended to dispose of expired medications in the garbage or by flushing them down the toilet. We will take your expired medications and dispose of them properly by placing them in a biohazardous waste container for pick up and proper disposal
  • Health Rides- A ride to an off campus medical appointment that is provided by the University through a local taxi service. To arrange for an authorized Health Ride.  Please contact the Health Center during normal business hours at (509)313-5878. We ask that you call to schedule your authorized Health Ride  pick up time at least one day in advance. 
Excluded Services are:
  • On site X-ray, but we can order X-rays to be taken at an off site facility
  • Corrective lenses, hearing aids, examination for and prescription for
  • Dental care
  • Special braces or appliances
  • Accident related procedures
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Allergy injections
  • Birth control devices or contraceptives used for the purpose of birth control