Due to the various types of insurance plans and companies that our students carry the Health Center does not submit claims to insurance companies. Students will be responsible for the minimal charges that are incurred during their visit i.e. provider visit fee, immunizations, in-office laboratory testing, supplies, etc. Students will always be given an itemized receipt that includes the proper medical codes for utilization in self submission to their insurance company.

The Health Center accepts the following types of payment for the services rendered: check, credit/debit (Visa and MasterCard), or students are allowed to charge their services to their student account. If the student account option is chosen the fees will be included on the students' tuition bill as a "Health Center Fee".

Health Center providers may order imaging or laboratory testing from health facilities that are located outside fo the Student Health Center. The fees for these tests are not included in the Health Center visit fee.  The patient will be responsible for the fees that are incurred outside of the Student Health Center. The patient may provide the outside health facility with their insurance information and request that it be billed or the patient  will be billed separately by the providing health facility.