To access care at the Gonzaga Student Health Center no insurance is required.

All students should have adequate health and accident insurance to avoid the unexpected interruption of their education by high medical expenses.

All currently enrolled Gonzaga students have limited accident/injury coverage that is provided by Gonzaga University.  For more information about this insurance coverage please call the Health Center at (509)313-4052.

The services of the Health Center should not be confused with or substituted for the services covered by hospitalization and urgent care insurance coverage or referrals. Some insurance policies may not cover the student outside the issuing area. Students should consult their insurance carrier about providing additional insurance.

It is the parent responsibility to know and inform their student of the current insurance plan and coverage including information about out of area coverage. It is recommended that students also carry a copy of their current insurance card with them.

International students must provide proof of a basic major medical insurance policy before completing the final validation.

If you do not have a current major medical insurance plan, you may purchase a policy from a private insurer which Gonzaga facilitates through a local insurance broker. Each year the plan should be reviewed for the coverage, since it is subject to change.

A brochure is available at Student Accounts or at the Health Center during orientation.

For more detailed information about the accident/injury coverage or the student insurance plan that is available for purchase and a link for online enrollment go to

For students with Kaiser Insurance

Kaiser does not accept claims from Washington State. Group Health of Washington has a reciprocity agreement with Kaiser. In order to serve you better, please call Group Health Visiting Member Services at 1-800-446-4296.  Tell them you are calling for a Kaiser Visiting Member number. You will need to have your current Kaiser identification number when you call. It is important to keep this visiting member number and  your Kaiser Insurance card with you as long as you are in Washington State.

The local Group Health Clinic is located at: 322 W. North River Drive, Spokane, WA. 99201. The  phone number is 509-324-6464.

For students with Group Health Insurance

The Gonzaga Student Health Center providers have been given authorization to treat Group Health patients as Group Health providers. They are able to write prescriptions, order x-rays and authorize some referrals into the community. If you have Group Health for your insurance stop by the Health Center for any of your health care needs. On some occasions it may be necessary  for a student to be seen by a provider at the local Group Health Clinic. 

The local Group Health Clinic is located at: 322 W. North River Drive, Spokane, WA. 99201. The  phone number is 509-324-6464.

Insurance Billing

Due to the various types of insurance plans and companies that our students carry the Health Center does not submit claims to insurance companies. Students will be responsible for the minimal charges that are incurred during their visit i.e. provider visit fee, immunizations, in-office laboratory testing, supplies, etc. Students will always be given an itemized receipt that includes the proper medical codes for utilization in self submission to their insurance company.

The Health Center accepts the following types of payment for the services rendered: check, credit/debit (Visa and MasterCard), or students are allowed to charge their services to their student account. If the student account option is chosen the fees will be included on the students' tuition bill as a "Health Center Fee".

Health Center providers may order imaging or laboratory testing from health facilities that are located outside fo the Student Health Center. The fees for these tests are not included in the Health Center visit fee.  The patient will be responsible for the fees that are incurred outside of the Student Health Center. The patient may provide the outside health facility with their insurance information and request that it be billed or the patient  will be billed separately by the providing health facility.