Health Ride

Gonzaga University Health Ride Program

For many years, the Health Ride program through the Student Health Center has assisted Gonzaga University students with transportation to and from healthcare providers.  Please read the FAQs below to learn more about this valuable program for our Zags!


Students may use the Health Ride for rides to healthcare appointments and for minor illnesses and injuries.  Students with medical emergencies may not be transported by Health Ride.  In these situations, students should call 911.


Transportation will be provided 5.0 miles from Gonzaga University (502 E. Boone).  The majority of healthcare services in the Spokane area are within this radius.

If transportation is required to a location that is more than 5.0 miles, students have the option to use two punches on their punch card for this ride (please see Cost section).


During the business day, students will be picked up at the Health Center.  During evening and weekend hours, students may be picked up in the Gonzaga University area (defined as Mission Avenue to the north, Ruby Street to the west, North Superior Street to the east, and the Spokane River to the south).  When returning to campus, students may be dropped off at any area within this radius.


You can call the dedicated Health Ride Line at 509-313-5878.  Call day or night! 


For riders who only need a single trip, the cost is $7.50 each way ($15 total for a round trip).  This may be paid at the Health Center when you arrive to be picked up for your trip.  You can pay cash, credit, or charge to your student account. 

For riders who will need a series of trips, you can purchase a Health Ride Punch Card.  A Punch Card costs $18 for six one-way rides.  By purchasing a series, the cost is reduced to $3 each way ($6 total for a round trip).  Health Ride Punch Cards are transferrable, but non-refundable.  In other words, you can share a Punch Card with your friends or your roommate.

Trips greater than 5.0 miles will require two punches.  The total cost, if using a punch card, is $6 each way ($12 round trip). 


There is no limitation for rides to healthcare appointments.  Students are limited to two urgent care rides per year.  If more than two rides are used for urgent care visits, students will be required to pay the same costs as outlined above.


When you are picked up by the driver, you will be asked to sign a Health Ride Voucher.  This voucher serves as your receipt.  The voucher also includes a release of liability that you are required to sign before taking the trip.


Our goal is to provide a safe, affordable transportation option for Gonzaga University students. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Libby Skiles, Director of the Health Center at 509-313-4067.