Advertising Policy

The following methods of on-campus advertising are available to Gonzaga University Groups/Departments/Programs. All advertising must be pre-approved and stamped at the Crosby Information Desk

- Fliers for designated bulletin boards on campus
- Fliers for Residence Halls
- Table inserts for Crosby and the BARC
- Window painting
- Chalking 


Student Clubs/Orgs:  Advertising requests should be submitted through Crosby's ZagTivities page
All other GU Departments/Groups: Advertising requests can be submitted through Crosby's SharePoint page
*External Groups/Persons: To inquiry about advertising in Crosby or utilizing any of our services, please email:

Organizations or Persons not affiliated with Gonzaga University may post pre-approved and stamped fliers on designated bulletin boards on campus.  There will be a fee assessed.


The advertising policy adheres to the Ethos Statement of Gonzaga University. Any advertising material that is in violation of the Ethos Statement may not be permitted to be displayed on campus. Such violations are:

  • Explicitly sexual messages
  • Hate speech
  • Glorification of alcohol/drug abuse
  • Racist images or speech
  • Nudity or graphic images
  • Profanity
  • Disrespect for others
  • Dishonesty
  • Any publicity material that is exclusionary in nature against any group on Gonzaga's campus may or may not be approved for posting. Publicity materials that are strictly opinion pieces may or may not be approved.

Operating Guidelines for Posting Fliers to Campus Bulletin Boards and Residence Halls

  1. GU recognized student groups and departments can bring up to 27 copies of a flier (one for each of the 26 bulletin boards on campus and one for our records) and 91 copies for the Residence Halls, to the Crosby Information Desk for approval and stamping at no charge. (Non-GU group, please see below*)
  2. Please allow up to 48 hours for posting approval of a flier. You will be contacted when your fliers have been approved.
  3. Approved fliers for the residence halls will be delivered to the residence hall offices by the Crosby Staff
  4. Approved fliers for the designated bulletin boards must be posted by the requesting party.
  5. Only one flier may be posted per bulletin board.
  6. Posted materials are limited to a two-week period. After two weeks, an additional 26 copies of the same flier may be stamped and re-posted for an additional 2 weeks. 
  7. Posting publicity must include a contact name and number or contact name and email address.
  8. Fliers that are placed on walls, windows, bathroom stalls, etc. will be promptly taken down. Advertising privileges may be imposed if an individual or organization violates this guideline.
  9. Please do not use tape on the bulletin boards. Push pins and staples are preferred.
  10. Gonzaga University reserves the right to refuse posting privileges to any person or organization.

*Posting approval of up to 27 fliers may be given to external groups/organizations those that are not affiliated with Gonzaga University) for a $10.00 service charge. External groups cannot post in residence halls. All guidelines stated above will be applied to off-campus fliers as well. Gonzaga University reserves the right to deny approval to any non-campus event posters.

Operating Guidelines for Table Insert Approval

Note: The Crosby Info Desk approves table inserts for posting on tables within the Crosby Student Center, the BARC and the "Mini- BARC".  

  1. Only six persons/organizations will be given table tent approval at one time. Table space is limited -- plan ahead!
  2. Table inserts must be 4" x 6".
  3. Table inserts must include a contact name and number or contact name and email address
  4. Table inserts are limited to a two-week posting period
  5. GU student groups and departments must get table inserts approved and stamped at the Crosby Information desk.  To do this, bring exactly 141 copies (50 for Crosby, 50 for the BARC, 40 for the Mini BARC and 1 for our records) or exactly 51 copies if wishing to post in Crosby only, of a table insert to the Crosby Information Desk.  There is no charge to GU groups for this service. (Non-GU groups are not permitted to use table inserts).
  6. Please allow up to 48 hours for table tent approval.
  7. For Corsby table inserts, the Crosby Info Desk staff will post your table inserts for you apon approval and remove them when they have expired.  
  8. Approved inserts for the BARC must be delivered by the requesting party.  Upon arrival, the requesting party must check in with the BARC staff prior to placing the inserts in the insert holders.
  9. Gonzaga University reserves the right to refuse table tent privileges to any person or organization.

Operating Guidelines for Handout Approval

Distribution of handouts is not permitted on campus.

Operating Guidelines for Window Painting/Chalking Approval

  1. The six 1st floor windows on the north side of Crosby and the steps leading up to the north entrance can be reserved and decorated to advertise for an event
  2. The is a charge of $10 per week for this type of advertising
  3. Please allow up to 48 hours for approval. You will be contacted when your request has been approved.
  4. Painted and chalked materials are limited to a one-week period.
  5. Gonzaga University reserves the right to refuse painting and/or chalking privileges to any person or organization.

"The Wall"

There are guidelines to wall usage available in Gonzaga Student Body Association in Crosby 204. If you wish to use the wall contact GSBA at x5824. Hours of operation and availability are subject to change.

Campaign Materials

Any and all campaign materials must be approved by Crosby Student Center and must follow the above-stated flier/poster guidelines in the Publicity Policy as well as follow any and all GSBA guidelines.

This policy has been designed to ensure that Gonzaga University students, faculty, and staff have equal access to common posting areas and that the aesthetic quality of the Gonzaga campus is preserved. This policy has been revised as of Summer 2013.