Lost and Found

Crosby Student Center Lost and Found

The Crosby Student Center's Information Desk manages the main campus lost and found.  However, other lost and founds exist on campus.  They include the Fitness Center, Foley and GU Security (for items found outside).  If you know which building or area you lost your item in, you should first contact that building/area to see if they have they have your item. 

Crosby Lost and Found Policy

All items submitted to the lost and found will be logged and tagged with the date it was submitted.  To claim an item, please come to the Information desk and describe it.  Depending on the item, a detailed description or other identifying information may be required.  If we have an item in our possession that matches the description, we will return it to you after you have signed off on the item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Crosby Center has a 30 day lost and found holding policy.  After thirty days if an item has yet to be claimed it will be donated or removed.

To contact the Crosby Center's Lost and Found, please dial (509) 313-4097.