Welcome to the Counseling Center

Our center is a place where students can find understanding, acceptance and practical help. We are counseling professionals trained and experienced in addressing the needs of university students. Gonzaga students from every school and college, undergraduates, graduate, law and professional students use the Counseling Center.

Most students come to the Counseling Center for assistance with some identifiable academic, personal, or career related concern. When you make an appointment to see a counselor, that time is specifically reserved for you. During your first session, the counselor wants to get to know you and assess the best way the center can serve you. Succeeding sessions will be devoted to finding ways of achieving the goals you established with your counselor.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your identity and any disclosures made in the course of the counseling relationship, will be regarded as confidential. Confidential information will not be shared with anyone outside the center without your expressed written consent, unless there is a clear and imminent danger to yourself or another. Visits to the center are not part of your academic record.

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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
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We are closed during the noon hour.

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