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Here's what former Reality Campers have to say:

 "During Reality Camp I grew in friendships, and it was a great bridge between life at home and starting a meaningful life in college."

"Reality Camp helped me grow in knowledge about my community. I learned how to approach service in Spokane, and about how Gonzaga reaches out to others in need.

"The most meaningful part of Reality Camp for me was finding a niche at Gonzaga, through the CCASL programs. Reality Camp truly opened my eyes to the multitude of service programs that Gonzaga offers."

"The most meaningful part of Reality Camp was meeting new people who became lifelong friends.  My best friend from Gonzaga was in my small group, and our friendship started there! It is a great place to meet people like yourself because everyone is there because they have a common interest in serving others." 

 "I discovered that there is a type of service for everyone, and that everyone can engage in service that is meaningful to their individual values and interests."

"The most memorable part of Reality Camp was hearing the personal testimonies that came from people who are misunderstood by society. Hearing stories of life experiences I had never even imagined gave me a new, deep appreciation for these individuals' character and vitality, as well as immense gratitude for the blessings in my own life."

"During Reality Camp I grew into a more conscious and more open-minded person. I had never experienced anything similar to most of the sites, so I grew by becoming more aware of the social justice issues and more open to leaning about them and about other people."

"Reality Camp fostered growth and maturation in me even after camp was over. During camp, a major lesson I learned was the importance of solidarity with others, no matter their appearance or background.  I carry that awareness with me to this day."

"The most memorable part of reality camp was making such great friends.  As a graduated senior I still talk to plenty of the campers and I even was lucky enough to live with one of the friends I made at Reality Camp for the past two years!"

"Reality Camp is an amazing program and hopefully will allow all those that attend to start their freshman year with a different perspective than most."