Student Leader Staff


Mollie Picha, Core Leader

Major: International Relations and Environmental Studies

Hometown: Maple Valley, Washington

Year: Senior

Why Mollie wants to be a RC leader: “I loved working with the other students, leaders, and especially the people we were serving throughout the week as both a participant and leader in Reality Camp during previous years. I want to be able to both serve my community again and help provide these experiences for incoming students as well. I want help new students to build relationships with one another, and to build a relationship and connection with Spokane even before starting classes.”

Fun Facts: I have 18 pairs of Converse. I went backpacking in Patagonia when studying abroad in Chile.


Courtney Lee, Core Leader

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Alameda, California

Year: Senior

Why Courtney wants to be a RC leader: “Reality camp is a great program in three different ways. The first is that it helps transition freshmen from high school into college life in a way that is unique to Gonzaga spirit. The second is that it is a community that everyone who is involved- campers, leaders and clients- can be a part of. The third is that it connects the students to something greater than the Gonzaga community which personally I see as a very important aspect of college life. I would love to contribute to Reality Camp to make it even better than it already is.”

Fun Facts: I am legally a midget. I have been cliff diving in Hawaii. I am also a Young Life leader.


Morgan Karney, Logistics Lead Leader

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Coronado, California

Year: Senior

Why Morgan wants to be a RC leader: “I have been a Reality Camp leader for the past two years and I also participated in Reality Camp my freshman year. I loved every minute of both experiences. Seeing the incoming freshman bond with each other over such a great cause is a wonderful experience and a great way to start off my school year. I believe that CCASL does so many great things around campus and it is extremely important for the incoming freshmen to realize all of the different ways they can get involved.”

Fun Facts: I have been swimming with dolphins and sharks!


Emily Pierre, Logistics Leader

Major: Economics

Hometown: Maple Valley, Washington

Year: Senior

Why Emily wants to be a RC leader: “I want to be able to help incoming freshmen have the same great experience that I did when I was a participant. I think this program is a great way for students to get introduced to service opportunities at CCASL and to become aware of the many needs of our community. I think this is a great stepping stone for students to become passionate about social justice issues and I hope that by sharing the passion I have developed, they will become inspired to become involved as well.”

Fun Facts: I studied abroad in Australia last fall. Elephants are my favorite animal and I got to ride one in Bali, Indonesia. I have run 4 half marathons.


Donald Hitzeman, Logistics Leader

Major: Psychology and Special Education

Hometown: Temecula, California

Year: Junior

Why Donald wants to be a RC leader: “The memories I have from Reality Camp as a Freshman of being exposed to a whole new world and being armed with the knowledge and tools to help others in it inspired me to apply to be a leader for the program my sophomore year. That fire of passion for service that was lit then is still burning strong, and there is no better way for me to stoke it than participating in Reality Camp again this year!”

Fun Facts: I have never broken a bone in my body... at least not yet! My niece is by far the cutest child you have or ever will lay eyes on! I am double-jointed in my thumbs.


Lisa Dimech, Logistics Leader

Major: Nursing

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Year: Junior

Why Lisa wants to be a RC leader: “Being a part of a program that introduces freshmen to the Gonzaga community on campus, as well as the larger Spokane community off campus, is a wonderful opportunity. I want to be a leader because I want to build this community, break the ‘barriers between upperclassman and lower classman and allow the incoming freshman to see firsthand that we are all One Community.’”

Fun Facts: I love dissecting sheep brains in anatomy lab! I have confirmation from every roommate that I sleep talk. I am an avid news reader and always have the world facts dialed in. My power color is Kelly green.


Kasey Barghout, Logistics Leader

Major: Business Administration (Finance and Marketing Concentrations)

Hometown: Tuscon, Arizona

Year: Senior

Why Kasey wants to be a RC Leader: “I am very passionate about taking opportunities that come my way and helping other people take advantage of opportunities that come their way as well. I want to be a leader because I want to get people excited about what Gonzaga has to offer! I think there is so much value in pre-orientation programs and I’d love to help introduce freshman to Gonzaga and all of the volunteering experiences it, as well as Spokane, has to offer.”

Fun Facts: When I was three, I wore my Pocahontas Halloween costume every day, along with two braids, for 5 months. I love bathroom humor.


Katie Miyakado, Logistics Leader

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: San Ramon, California

Year: Senior

Why Katie wants to be a RC leader: “I would like to lead Reality Camp because of the relationships that I can build with the other student leaders and the student participants, while inspiring all through service. I also believe that the world is unjust and that the people who were blessed with more should share their wealth and opportunity. It is our responsibility to make the world more equal. I believe everyone has a small fire burning in them to help out another person. I want to help build that fire for others and help them see that they can make a difference.”

Fun Facts: I've been to Disneyland or Disney World every year of my life. I studied abroad in Australia. I went bungee jumping at the tallest platform in New Zealand.


Maddie Higgins, Small Group Leader

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

Year: Senior

Why Maddie wants to be a RC leader: “I was a camper and have been a leader my while time at Gonzaga. I believe in what RC teaches freshman about social justice and community and I love interacting with the freshmen as well as with my fellow student leaders.”

Fun Facts: I play the violin. I have hiked the Grand Canyon the past three summers. I am a three-time varsity state soccer champion.


Breda Bosch, Small Group Leader

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Vancouver, Washington

Year: Junior

Why Breda wants to be a RC leader: “Reality Camp has had a huge impact on my Gonzaga experience this far and would love to lead a second year!”

Fun Facts: I had my breakout role in a movie called "Dancing on the Edge." Look me up on IMDB!


Hannah Van Dinter, Small Group Leader

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Vancouver, Washington

Year: Junior

Why Hannah wants to be a RC leader: “I loved my experience at Reality Camp and would love to be part of fostering community and a heart for the people of Spokane! I love interacting with freshmen, who are open to new people and new experiences and I realize that their first interactions with people at Gonzaga can truly set the tone for their entire experience.”

Fun Facts: I was an RA in CM last year. Right NOW, I am studying abroad in Zambia!


Eric Feightinger, Small Group Leader

Major: Biology

Hometown: Loveland, Colorado

Year: Sophomore

Why Eric wants to be a RC Leader: “After the impact Reality Camp had on me, I would like to share a similar experience with incoming freshman next year. It was such a great way for me to meet new people, and get involved in my new community after moving across the country.”

Fun Facts: My favorite sport is snow skiing. I want to be a dentist.


Daniel Bladow, Small Group Leader

Major: Computer Science, Mathematics

Hometown: Fall City, Washington

Year: Junior

Why Daniel wants to be a RC leader: “I have had a fantastic experience both as a participant and leader, I learn more about myself with each immersion, and I love seeing Freshmen (and people in general) deepen their relationships with each other and the community.”

Fun Facts: I'm spending the summer researching Artificial Intelligence of Modern Board Games in Ohio. My last name (Bladow) was adopted when my ancestors moved to America from Eastern Germany. They did not have a last name, so they identified themselves by the town they were from. So, all in all, I am Daniel Michael from town Bladow.


Max Archer, Small Group Leader

Major: International Relations and Spanish

Hometown: Yakima, Washington

Year: Senior

Why Max wants to be a RC leader: “Reality Camp is one of the programs at Gonzaga that is closest to my heart. I identify with the mission and purpose of Reality Camp in cultivating an understanding of what Spokane and Gonzaga need from each other and have to offer each other. Last year, I had the time of my life working with my small group and can’t wait to have the same great experience!”

Fun Facts: I have kissed the daughter of the ex-Prime Minister of Romania. In the 8th grade, I averaged 0.4 points a game on my C-squad basketball team.


Kyle Hubbard, Small Group Leader

Major: Business and Math-Computer Science

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Year: Senior

Why Kyle wants to be a RC leader: “I absolutely loved leading this last year and I don't know what my experience at Gonzaga would be if I didn't go on Reality Camp Freshman year. I want to be a part of this amazing experience one more time!”

Fun Facts: I used to be fluent in Japanese. At 6'1" I am the runt of my family and I have had the same size foot since 6th grade - at size 13. I am the biggest Oregon Ducks fan on campus.


Olivia Schneider, Small Group Leader

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Year: Junior

Why Olivia wants to be a RC leader: "I found that as a freshman, it was incredibly beneficial to integrate into Gonzaga through the powerful introduction of Reality Camp. In my experience, it was a time for figuring out the ways in which my passion for social justice was linked with that of GU's mission and meaning and purpose for our role with others in this world. I don't want to know what starting the year without Reality Camp would be like. It's very special."

Fun Facts: I can go to Dutch Bros and order a 6 shot coffee at 10pm and fall asleep right afterward, unfazed. I think a rainy day is the nicest of weather. I wish I could spend every evening sharing in spoken word poetry.


Luisa Gallagher, Program Supervisor

Job: Service Immersion Coordinator at CCASL

Hometown: Wollongong, Australia

Fun Facts: I am Australian. While working at Gonzaga, I am also working on getting my doctoral degree in Leadership Studies.