- Registration (mid to end of October)

- Welcome Meeting* (end of October)

- Meeting 2*- site reveal (beginning of November)
- Letters turned in to the CCASL 1 Office the day after the 2nd meeting    
- Licenses turned in by 2nd meeting (scanned copy or legible hard copy sent to missionpossible@zagmail.gonzaga.edu or brought into CCASL 1)
- Financial Deadline 1 - $200 needed (December 1st)


- Pillar Meeting 1* (end of January)

- Financial Deadline 2 - $200 needed (January 21st)
- Pillar Meeting 2* (beginning-mid of February) 

- Individual site gathering ( February)

- Health Insurance secured - insurance policy number must be sent to Luisa at gallagher@gonzaga.edu (February)

- Financial Deadline 3 - $150 needed  (February 18th)

- Last Financial Deadline - remaining amount (February 25th)

- Missioning Ceremony (night before departure for Mission: Possible)
- Leave for Mission Possible!
- Re-entry Gathering 

*most meetings will be held in Jepson unless specified otherwise. 

Health insurance is required to participate in this program. If this is an issue you can purchase monthly health insurance for the month of this trip. You can check out this website for some information: http://www.ehealthinsurance.com