Please use the below links to get answers to many Frequently Asked Questions. If the question you have or the answer you receive do not address your question, please feel free to stop by our office or contact us!

1 . Where is CCASL located?^

CCASL is located at the heart of Gonzaga's campus, in two houses just north of the quad between the Desmet and Welch Residence Halls. You can find us HERE.

2 . If I live off campus and cannot participate in CCASL programs, can I still be involved with Community Service?^

Absolutely! CCASL serves as a clearinghouse of service opportunities for the Gonzaga Community. Please contact us at 509-313-6824 or come into the house to meet with one of our service consultants or staff members, who are here to assist you in discovering an ideal service opportunity.

3 . What if the community service program that I'm interested in is not run through CCASL?^

We welcome ideas and suggestions for new programs and service activities. In fact, CCASL prides itself on collaboration with students to create new programming opportunities, the majority of our current programs were started from scratch by students with a passion for a new program.

4 . I signed up for a Service-Learning class. What does that mean?^

Service-Learning is a pedagogical method that engages students in organized service activities and guided reflection; the service activities benefits students and the community that they serve with and, in combination with reflection, enhance the academic curriculum of participating students. Service-learning is distinct from acts of charity because it is reciprocal; students, faculty, and community partners teach and learn through their interactions. Teaching and learning are informed by the realities of the world, and service is informed by theoretical and conceptual understanding. Visit our Service-Learning homepage here for more information.

5 . What is the difference between Co-Curricular and Service-Learning?^

Academic service-learning takes place as part of a course taught her at Gonzaga.  Instead of assigning another text to read, faculty decide to send students into the Spokane community to do service and critically reflect on the meaning and relationships of that service.  Co-curricular service is defined as service projects that students choose to do which is not a part of a course and they do not receive any form of academic credit for participation.

6 . Where can I find more information about specific CCASL Programs?^

It depends on the information you are looking for. If you are looking for information about our Mentoring Programs, click here. For Co-Curricular Programs click here. For general volunteer opportunities and post-graduate service programs click here.

7 . How can I stay in touch with CCASL programs?^

The best way to stay in touch, aside from joining our programs, is to follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, and keep track of our blog!