Residence Hall Security

Exterior doors of the residence halls on campus are locked 24 hours per day. Each hall is equipped with an outside courtesy phone which allows access for non-residents by calling for a resident to a secured door. Each hall has designated Residence Hall staff that patrol through the building and check the security of exterior doors and windows. Residence Hall staff, working with Campus Public Safety and Security, respond to calls for assistance within the halls, including contacting suspicious persons or unescorted visitors.

Crime Prevention Within Dorms

The message of crime prevention and security awareness is promoted in the Residence Halls. Residents are encouraged to report suspicious situations and take responsibility for making sure doors are not propped. CPS&S officers meet frequently with Residence Hall staff to discuss security concerns and identify potential problems.

In order to insure safety and security within the Residence Halls, as well as preserve the students' right to privacy, soliciting of any type by any non- University person or group is prohibited. Violations of this policy should be immediately reported to Campus Public Safety and Security.

Campus Public Safety & Security
Mailing Address
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258
Phone: 509.313.2222
Fax: 509.313.6868

Located at: 602 E. Boone Ave.
Office hours: 9am-4pm, M-F