Bike Safety & Security


There are some basic tips for keeping both bike and rider safe:


  • Ride defensively, with the flow of traffic and always use hand signals
  • When cycling, be AWARE, VISIBLE, and PREDICTABLE
  • Be considerate of pedestrians and vehicle drivers
  • Don't impede free use of handicap ramps or other access points with bikes locked to handrails, etc.
  • Keep your bike maintained- especially the brakes


  • Use a heavy duty U-Lock. Bikes locked with cables or small chains are frequently stolen. Leave as little space as possible in the "U" portion of the lock to minimize space for tools to be inserted. Campus Security sells high quality U-type locks at a discounted price.
  • Lock the bicycle even for only a few minutes.
  • Lock or remove components that could be easily stolen from the bicycle.
  • Register your bicycle through the Campus Public Safety and Security Department.
  • Report suspicious activity or loitering around bike racks to Campus Security at extension 2222.
  • Student bike lockers are available through the Housing & Residence Life Department extension 4103. Currently lockers are located at Coughlin, Welch, Dooley, Crimont and Madonna. The number of lockers are limited, so call early!
  • Staff bike lockers are located at Herak, Rebmann (just behind Safety and Benefits House) and Martin Centre - they must be checked out through the Safety and Benefits House extension 5852.