Housing & Residence Life

Welcome to Gonzaga University's Residential Community!

The Department of Housing and Residence Life is a comprehensive unit within the Division of Student Development focusing resources and efforts on helping all students with their housing needs both on and off campus.

Students are required to live on campus and dine in community with their peers for the first two years (four semesters, not including summer term), unless married or 21 years or older.  Through this requirement, we are excited to provide transformational community experiences as this creates a community of mattering that is around 3,000 strong, on campus, something for which we are well known!

One of the many aspects that students love about being at Gonzaga is the strong feeling of community. The Housing and Residence Life Department has created a Community Development Model that we feel supports this notion, as well as enhancing and building upon the work that you will be doing inside the classroom. Our Community Development Model is rooted in the University’s Jesuit identity and supported by the theory and best practices of the Housing Profession. This is the first year that we will be utilizing this model, and we hope that you will see positive changes in your on-campus experiences as a result.

Our Community Development Model is built around four pillars: 

Connection: finding a sense of place

Interaction: having intentional conversations with diverse individuals

Engagement: actively participating and investing in a caring community

Reflection: making meaning of on-campus experiences

Students who live in University housing – regardless of class standing, building location, or type of residence – will find these pillars evident in their hall environment, community events, and relationships with each other and the residence life staff. Below are some specific ways in which you may notice the Community Development Model in your residence hall. Some of these may be different than what you have experience in your previous years living on-campus.

  • Your area or residence hall will have a theme for the year.

    • You’ll see this theme in hall and door decorations, as well as community events.
  • Your Resident Assistant (RA) will serve as a mentor and guide for you while you live on campus.

    • Each semester, your RA will plan on meeting with you 1:1 to learn more about your college experience. These meetings will take place in a variety of formats depending on your relationship with your RA. (If you live in an apartment, your RA will plan on meeting with you and your apartment-mates in a group setting.)
  • You’ll be hearing a lot about what’s going on around campus.

    • Your RAs will be planning fewer events in-hall, but they will be taking students to events already going on around campus and Spokane. Take advantage of these events and everything GU has to offer!
  • We want you to get involved.

    • Whether it’s joining a club, playing intramurals, or helping plan events for your hall with your Block Council, we want you to be an active member of your community. We need upperclassmen to be involved and serve as mentors, too! Talk to your RA about opportunities for involvement.

For students eligible to live off campus, while we hope you "consider" options to live on campus, we are here to provide assistance to those needing guidance locating apartments and houses at reasonable prices in the surrounding neighborhood or greater Spokane area.  There is substantial information for such students on this site, including a virtual bulletin board of current vacancies offered by landlords who prefer student tenants.  And we invite students needing additional guidance to drop into our main office with questions.  In addition, email inquiries are welcomed at housing@gonzaga.edu.

Enjoy your time in this portion of Gonzaga University website and we look forward to hearing from you should you need our assistance.

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