Residence Hall Association


Through the Jesuit ideals of developing the whole person, the Gonzaga University Residence Hall Association is a student run organization committed to the continual enrichment of the residents’ lives. Residents' are to be empowered by RHA to: develop as leaders at the executive and block council level working with the housing office and other organizations; Advocate for themselves, other residents, and the environment in regards to housing, food, concerns of safety and quality of life; Create, implement, collaborate on and fund programs, events, and activities with the intention that students will grow as a community, will make events all inclusive, will gain a new perspective in regards to diversity, and will perform action to benefit others in the community and world.

This page will be updated throughout the year with different information as RHA continues to work on new things. Check back often for updates about Block Council Selection, Regional and National Conferences, Elections and Block Council President Selection.




The General Assembly

The General Assembly meets every week, is chaired by the president, and is made up of four members from each Block Council. At each meeting, these representatives and the RHA Executive Board discuss and vote on matters concerning residence life.

Meets: Every Thursdays at 8:00 in Jepson 109

If you are looking for more information about RHA, check the other sections listed.  If none of these sections can answer your questions or your question deals with a specific area, please feel free to email members of the executive board.

Executive Officers

Maximilian Lorbiecki

Vice President
Elizabeth Burianek

Director of Administration and Finance
Elizabeth Grainey

National Communications Coordinator
Michial Lim

Director of Programming Community
Alyssa Arellano

Director of Programming Service
Mary Conyard

Director of Sustainability
Annabelle Schmitz

Jared Payton

Bachelor's Degree: Kinesiology with an emphasis in Health and Fitness Education (Washington State University)
Master's Degree: Educational Leadership (Gonzaga University)
Hometown: Spokane, Washington


There are three committees within RHA that serve as an opportunity for members of each block council to meet together and voice concerns to each other or to administrators about how to improve the on-campus living experience at Gonzaga.

Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee, chaired by the Director of Administration and Finance and made up of the Treasurers from each block council, reviews and discusses all funding requests to assure RHA guidelines are observed by requests. It also recommends to the General Assembly an amount to be allocated to a program.

If you fall under the scope of Residence Life and you wish to submit a funding request to the General Assembly, contact the RHA Director of Administration and Finance, Elizabeth Grainey at

Funding Request Form

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee, chaired by the Vice President, consists of one representative from each block and a representative from GSBA, and is responsible for collecting advice and concerns about dining services and housing on campus from each Block Council.  Every other week this group meets with a manager from Sodexo and every other week they meet with the Associate Director of Housing.

If you have any housing or dining concerns, contact either your block council president or the RHA Vice President, Elizabeth Burianek at

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee, chaired by the Director of Programming – Community, Director of Programming - Service, and Director of Sustainability is responsible for coordinating and publicizing RHA functions as well as working with outside organizations when necessary for programming.  This committee is made up of the Programmers from each hall council.

Block Council

At Gonzaga, all of the Residence Halls are divided up into certain areas - by location and what type of student that lives there - which are referred to as blocks. Each block has a Block Council, and Block Council comes together to make the Residence Hall Association at Gonzaga. Individually, each block council is made up of a group of students who have volunteered to plan events and social activities for the residents on their block and also to serve as a voice between their block and RHA as a whole.

President: Molly Bosch
ARD:  Andrew Fioretto
Liaison:  Elizabeth Burianek
Meets: TBD

President: Tanner McMullen
ARD:  Taran Denning
Liaison:  Mary Conyard
Buildings: Corkery, Chardin, Off-Campus Themed Houses, Lamp Lighter (712 Sinto), Sinto Apartments, 814 Sharp
Meets: TBD

President: Michelle Llamas
ARD:  Blakely Ehlers
Liaison:  Michial Lim
Buildings: Coughlin
Meets: TBD

President: Mary Claire Squires
ARD:  Taylor Jordan
Liaison:  Elizabeth Burianek
Buildings: Welch, Alliance, Desmet
Meets: TBD

Far West
President: Samantha Hemler
ARD:  Vinny Sonderby
Liaison:  Alyssa Arellano
Buildings: Burch, Dussault, 301 Boone, Sharp House/Apartments
Meets: TBD

President:  Cleary Bayless
ARD:  Halle Goodwin
Liaison:  Annabelle Schmitz
Buildings: Kennedy
Meets: TBD

President: Hannah Kenneally
ARD:  Dani Hall
Liaison:  Elizabeth Grainey
Buildings: Lincoln, Madonna, Marian, Roncalli, and Twohy
Meets: TBD

President: Jasmine Albinson
ARD:  Spencer White
Liaison:  Maximilian Lorbiecki
Buildings: Crimont, Goller, Dillon, Dooley, Cushing
Meets: TBD