Student Expectations

Student Expectations:

Even when students have chosen to live off-campus, Gonzaga University expects its students to conduct themselves at all times according to the University Mission and Ethos statements. Students are expected to respect themselves as well as the personal and property rights of others, and must abide by all regulations as set forth in the Student Handbook. Students also have the obligation to conduct themselves in accordance with civil regulations. Any breach of policy, regulation or public morality renders a student subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal.

Our Gonzaga Creed:

As members of the Gonzaga Community we embrace Jesuit traditions of service, spirituality, social justice, and leadership. We demonstrate honesty and integrity through respect for ourselves, others, and our community. We celebrate all people and cultures in pursuit of the greater good. I choose to be a member of the Gonzaga Community. I am a ZAG; I am a Bulldog; Together, WE ARE GONZAGA!