Coughlin Hall

Couglin Hall

Coughlin Hall is located at 816 Cincinnatti.

Coughlin is the main Living Learning Center on Gonzaga’s Campus.  The community is social, lively, but also respectful for students focused on their studies. 

  • Coed Building
  • 1st and 2nd year students
  • Traditional Corridor
  • 4 floors plus a lobby
  • 8 wings
  • Currently houses a Graduate Residence Director, a Chaplin, an Area Coordinator for lower division housing, and a Faculty in Residence
  • Each wing has a centralized common space, bathroom, and laundry facilities
  • 2nd floor has a kitchen, music room, piano, study lounge, and TV room
  • 3rd floor has a kitchen, dining room, game/TV room, and a study room
  • 4th floor has a kitchen, dining room, library, and TV room
  • 5th floor has an expanded kitchen, game/TV room, and a study room (Note:  some rooms will have a 20 inch gap between the wall and bed when lofted)
  • The lobby has a classroom, café, front desk, and offices for the AC and GRD.

Note: Coughlin Hall is available to those who submit a supplemental application and are chosen to participate based on a subjective review of that supplemental application.