Catherine/Monica Hall

Catherine/Monica Hall

St. Catherine/St. Monica Hall (C/M) is located at 900 North Cincinnati Street.

Catherine/Monica Hall (known around campus as “C/M”) is a hall comprised of mainly freshmen students. As the largest hall on Gonzaga’s campus, C/M is a great place to meet new people create lasting friendships.

  • Coed Building
  •  1st year students
  •  Ttraditional Corridor
  • 2 floors (men on 1st floor, women on 2nd)
  • 4 “wings” (Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast
  • One professional Residence Director (RD), 1 Assistant Residence Director (ARD), 8 Resident Assistants (RA), and a Resident Minister.
  • Each wing has a common bathroom and laundry facilities
  • The lobby has a front desk, couches, a television, vending machines, public restrooms, a piano, recreational equipment (pool, ping pong, and foosball) and an office for the RD
  • C/M S/W 1st (#1-23) and 2nd (200-223) is in the process of having the built-ins removed and movable furniture installed.

·         The basement has recreational equipment (air hockey), couches, tables and chairs, a public restroom, full kitchen facilities, and a movie room.

Catherine/Monica FloorPlan - Double

Catherine/Monica FloorPlan - Single