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Spike Bighorn Advances through Gonzaga's Unique MBA Program
Gonzaga is the only university in the nation with a Master of Business Administration program designed specifically for American Indian students and Spike Bighorn is among the grateful beneficiaries of Gonzaga’s forward-thinking.
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Dec. 1 - Mar. 6
Jundt Houses Paris Review Print Series

Dec. 18, 6:00 PM
GU Men's Basketball vs. Texas Southern

Dec. 19, 3:00 PM
GU Women's Basketball vs. Montana

Dec. 20, 1:00 PM
Comcast's Annual Battle in Seattle

Dec. 22, 6:00 PM
GU Women's Basketball vs. Wyoming

Jan. 16
"Violence" Exhibition at Jundt Art Museum

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Credit: Gonzaga University Special Collections
On Thanksgiving Day 1892, the first Gonzaga football game was played on campus with 500 in attendance. Coached by Henry Luhn, a Notre Dame football alumnus, the Gonzaga team had been assembled only weeks prior. They played the Spokane Amateur Athletic Club (SAAC), which consisted of young lawyers and other professionals who had graduated from East Coast universities. The football field measured 120 yards and the period of play was two 35-minute halves. The teams had three downs to make five yards. The game ended in a tie: 4-4. Afterward, football became a major attraction for the student body and for the next five years Gonzaga would play against Spokane High School. However, the style of play led to many injuries, which forced Gonzaga administrators to only allow intramural football. By 1905 when the forward pass was introduced, a more open style of game was played. Gonzaga continued to play football on and off until World War II.