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Father Spitzer Reveals His Future Plans
Many have wondered what the future will hold for Gonzaga University President Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., when he leaves the presidency in mid-July following 11 years of service to his alma mater. Discover what’s in store for this outstanding leader, in his own words.
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April 15, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
'Inspired to Learn' Presents GU Campus Architect Mac McCandless

April 16, 7:30pm
The Love Knot

April through May 9
Senior Thesis Art Exhibition Opens April 24

April 22, 7:30pm
Beth Cooley Reads for GU Visiting Writers Series

April 23 - 25
GU Theatre Presents 'Spring Dance Concert'

April 28, 6:00pm
"Inspired to Learn" presents Jesus' Table Manners

April 30, 7:30pm
Wind Symphony to Perform with 'Clarion'

May 9, 10, 16
Graduate, Undergraduate and
Law School Commencements

May 18
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GU History
The Plunge, circa 1906. Note the showers
along the left side of the pool.
In April 1906, approximately 25 of Gonzaga’s 483 students became ill with typhoid fever. At first, the campus well was blamed. Upon advice of health officials, Gonzaga President Father Herman Goller, S.J., closed the school six weeks early and sent the boys home. In all, two students and one priest died from the illness. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the illness was caused by water not circulating adequately in the Plunge, the swimming pool, in the basement of the Administration Building. The swimming pool was part of the east end addition of 1905. Lined with marble, the 50-by-20-foot pool included 16 showers. After the problem was fixed, the Plunge reopened and remained a swimming pool for at least another decade. Eventually, the University built over the top of the pool, which was recently removed to make room for office space.
For more detailed history about Gonzaga, visit: foley.gonzaga.edu/GUHistory. Photo and text courtesy of the GU Archives.