Committee Representatives

University Committees with Staff Representation

Gonzaga University has many committees made up of administrators, faculty and staff to help the University function efficiently and effectively.  Staff Assembly helps coordinate staff involvement in these committees, but does not provide direction to the committees.  There is only one committee that Staff Assembly created and facilitates and it is the Community Service and Outreach Committee noted below.


Advisory Council on Stewardship and Sustainability

Dave Gilbert
Gonzaga Outdoors & Risk Management Specialist
Ext. 4169
Crosby LL
AD Box 25

Board of Regents Representatives

Looking to get involved with the Staff Assembly? Interested in representing staff to the Board of Regents? In an effort to help fulfill the mission of the Staff Assembly, we asked and were granted two Staff Regent positions. The Staff Regents are expected to serve a three year term, which will be staggered among the two representatives.

To learn more about the responsibilities and eligibility requirements visit the Staff Assembly Regent Position webpage.  To apply for the position, click HERE to download the application.  Terms are June 1 through May 31 of the Gonzaga Fiscal Year.


Jill Royston (2012-2015)
Program Coordinator, Student Wellness Resource Ctr
Ext. 5922
1111 N Cincinnati
AD Box 76

Budget Committee Representatives

Jennifer Klein
Career Data, Computer & Research Specialist
Ext. 4237
Crosby 211
MSC 2462

Shannon Zaranski
Professional Studies
Ext. 3569
TC 312
MSC 2616

Community Service and Outreach Committee Representatives*
*(This committee was created and is facilitated by Staff Assembly)

Jamie Kelp
Secretary, Student Wellness Resource Center
Ext. 5921
AD Box 76

Cory Kittrell

Secretary, Educational Leadership & Admin.
Ext. 3664
AD Box 25

Jill Royston
Program Coordinator, Student Wellness Resource Ctr
Ext. 5922
1111 N Cincinnati
AD Box 76

Benefits & Compensation Committee Representatives


John Correia
Telecommunication Technician, Plant Services
1004 N Ruby
Ext. 6950
AD Box 81

Teresa Crane
Program Specialist, Professional Studies
Ext. 6645
TC 217
MSC 2616

Georgia Dunham - Chair
Budget & Finance Officer, Law School
Ext. 3711
Law 451
AD Box 90

Safety & Health Representative


Security Advisory Representative