Response to Reports

All reports are kept private and only shared with professional staff who have a direct role in working with you and the other parties involved.  The University aims to provide support, resources, stop the misconduct, prevent further acts, and respond promptly and effectively to any attempts at retaliation. 

Once the University receives a report, the first priority is the safety of the student(s).  Students are provided important resources such as counseling, medical attention, and the option to file a report with law enforcement.  Please see the support services section of the Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide for information on the resources available to students.

After immediate needs have been addressed, a trained University employee will then look at what additional actions may be appropriate.  These follow up actions can include things like talking to others who may have more information, looking for patterns of behavior on the part of the accused, and considering the ongoing safety of those in our community.

Gonzaga University does not tolerate sexual misconduct or harassment on campus and will act to promote the safety of students and respond to reports of misconduct and harassment with compassion and action.  We are committed to ensuring that students have a safe living and learning environment in which to access their education.

If you would like more information about how the University responds to reports of sexual misconduct and harassment, you can contact a Title IX professional.  If you would like to inquire anonymously, you can contact a SART volunteer.