Reporting Sexual Misconduct & Harassment

For Students

Whether you are a student who has experienced sexual assault or harassment or you know someone who has, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to report the behavior.  The University has a desire, as a compassionate institution, and a responsibility under federal Title IX regulations, to respond to reports of sexual misconduct and harassment.  For information about what to expect once you make a report, visit the Response to Reports page and the Gonzaga Student Handbook.  If you have additional questions about reporting, please contact a Title IX Professional or a SART volunteer.

To make a report of sexual assault, misconduct or harassment, please contact a University Title IX Professional or use the online report form.

For Employees

As an employee of the University, you are a mandatory reporter, meaning that if you are aware, or reasonably should be aware, of sexual harassment or misconduct occurring, you must report it.  If the behavior is between students, please report to a Title IX Professional or use the online form.  If the behavior involves a University employee (with or without student involvement), please report the behavior to the Equal Opportunity Officer.  If you have questions or concerns about reporting, please contact a Title IX Professional.