It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to attend college, specifically private universities.

While the number of students who seek out federal funding in the form of Pell grants increases, the amount of available monies shrinks. Gonzaga is working to compensate for this discrepancy, as well as the swelling group of college-aged students, but the challenge grows each year.

Gonzaga's need for scholarship support is not about keeping our enrollment numbers up, it is about fulfilling a mission to positively impact our neighborhoods, communities and society by educating men and women for others. Gonzaga graduates possess the knowledge and skills to contribute to the work force and the aptitude and desire to do well and to live ethically and positively.

The total annual estimated cost for a full-time undergraduate to attend Gonzaga this year is about $43,240, including tuition, room and board, fees and personal expenses (books, travel, etc.). For most of Gonzaga's undergraduates, the ability to cover those costs simply would not be possible were it not for financial aid packages.

Scholarships are a critical component of these packages. Students are awarded scholarships, based upon both academic merit and financial need. Gifts to scholarships ensure that deserving and talented young men and women have the opportunity to earn a college degree at Gonzaga University. (For information on Regional Scholarships, click here.)

Make a real difference in the lives of a Gonzaga students and make a gift to scholarships through the Annual Campaign.

"Attending Gonzaga has been a dream of mine since fifth grade, and scholarships were the only way that dream could afford to become a reality."
-Erik Mertens '05, Communication Arts

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