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Registration Restriction Codes
PREREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR A prerequisite exists for this course that has not yet been completed.
COREQ_DEPT XXXL REQ Co-requisite must be taken at the same time.
CLOSED SECTION Course is full, permission required.
DUPLICATE COURSE with SEC - XXXXX Same course number is already on the schedule.
CLASS RESTRICTION Department has limited course to specific class (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.).
CAMPUS RESTRICTION Course is being taught on a different campus (Florence, etc.).
MAJOR RESTRICTION Department restricts registration to specific majors.
COLLEGE RESTRICTION Courses restricted by college (School of Business, School of Education, etc.).
TIME CONFLICT with XXXXX Course time overlaps with another course on the schedule.

Course Codes Days of the Week
Catholic Studies CA Monday M
Foreign Culture FC Tuesday T
Honors H Wednesday W


L Thursday R
Fine Arts P Friday F
Service Learning SL Saturday S
Social Justice J Sunday U
Transportation Not Provided T To Be Announced TBA
Video Course V
Lab Fee $

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Registration Procedures

If an individual attends a course section that he or she is not registered or financially confirmed for, no credit or grade will be recorded. Attending a course without course registration is not permitted.

Late registration is permitted only during the time for change of registration which is during published dates for the add/drop period.

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Registration Periods/Procedures

Students register according to a preset registration scheduled developed each semester by the Registrar's Office.  Registration periods are calendar based with:

  • Registration Period I open only for currently enrolled, continuing, matriculated students.
  • Registration Period II open  primarily for continuing registration and,
  • Registration Period III  open to all students for both late registration and adding and/or dropping courses via ZAGWEB.

For registration, each undergraduate class is divided into three groups based on class standing and the total number of completed credits.

Students who qualify for priority registration due to disability should contact Disability Resources, Education & Access Management (DREAM).

New Freshmen will receive registration information through the mail from the office of Academic Services.

Former Students Returning to Gonzaga and Incoming Transfer Students are urged to contact the office of Admission at (509) 313-6572 to arrange for registration.

New Graduate Students will receive registration materials through the mail.

To risk the deletion of your course registration, payment arrangements must be made through Student Accounts.

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Registration Information

1. Student ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN): The social security number or eight (8) digit student ID number and a six (6) digit PIN give access to ZAGWEB. We advise students to change their PIN numbers to a six (6) digit number that can easily be remembered.  Changes to a  PIN can be made as often as desired. Students (undergraduates only) need an ARN (Advisor Release Number) to be able to access registration during their designated registration time period. ARN information, mid-term grades, and the designated registration time period is outlined in a secured mailer can be picked up from faculty advisors after mid term week and prior to the beginning of registration.

2. Closed (Full) Course: If the course is closed, ZAGWEB will inform a student. Alternate course sections can immediately be selected to add to the schedule.

If a student should choose to pursue the course section that is closed, written authorization is needed from the instructor and the advisor by way of the Course Authorization form available from the Registrar's Office. The form is also available on the Registrar Office Web pages here. The authorization will need to be signed by the professor and the advisor, and if the course is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, the signature of the Chair of the department is also needed. Once all necessary signatures have been obtained, the form needs to be returned to the Registrar's Office for processing.

3. Course Day/Time Conflict: Students may not register for two courses that meet at the same time on the same day or for courses with overlapping meeting days/times. If a student wants the second course instead of the course in which they are registered, they must drop the first course prior to registering for the second course. If they want two time-conflicting courses, they must add the second course, in person, at the Registrar’s Office. Time conflicts require instructors’ signatures for both courses.

4. Registration Holds: If a student has holds on their registration, they will not be permitted to complete their registration until the hold has been removed by the initiating office. If an attempt is made to register before the hold has been removed, the response will indicate which office has placed the hold. More than one office can place a hold on a student's registration, and no registration will be permitted until all holds are removed. Registration holds will prevent access to registration and course changes.

5. Variable Credits: Some courses are offered for a variable number of credits. ZAGWEB will automatically select the lowest number of credits available although the system gives students the ability to choose the number of variable credits they wish to enroll in (up to the allotted and approved maximum for the course). If wishing to register for additional credits you must contact the Registrar's Office by phone at (509) 313-6592 or in person in College Hall, Room 229.

6. Course Restrictions: Some departments have set restrictions (i.e. college, major, etc.) on certain courses. Students will not be able to register for those sections unless they have fulfilled the requirements. A message will be given via ZAGWEB if a student does not meet the course restriction criteria. If a students feels that they have legitimate reason to override the restriction, a Course Authorization form will need to be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

7. Blocked Courses: These are courses which must all be taken together within the same semester.

8. Class Cancellation Policy: Courses with enrollment of less than eight (8) students may be subject to cancellation. Individual instruction courses such as independent studies, practica, internships, applied music classes, etc., will be exempt from this policy. Consideration will also be given to courses required for graduation. Once the course is cancelled, there will be no more opportunities for enrollment in that course. If a cancelled class reduces a student's enrollment status to less than full-time (fewer than 12 credits - undergraduate or six (6) credits - graduate) the action may compromise financial aid and/or athletic eligibility.  If students drop from their ZAGWEB registration any course that is linked to another course (i.e. science course with a lab, Thought and Expression blocks of Philosophy 101, English 101 and Speech 101), all courses will be dropped and not the singular course.

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Preparation for Registration

1. Meet with Academic Advisors: Undergraduates must make an appointment with their advisor to plan their registration schedules. Advisors have information concerning a student's Advisor’s Release Number (ARN) , the  Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the dates of a student's registration period. Graduate students do not need an ARN.

2. Pre-requisites: Completing proper prerequisites is the responsibility of the student. Students who do not have the necessary prerequisites for a course will not be able to register for that course without approval of the department and/or Dean. A signed Course Authorization must be presented to the Registrar’s Office before further registration can take place.

3. Individualized Study, Internships, Directed Research, and Special Projects cannot be Registered for Via the ZAGWEB Registration System. A completed Independent Study form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

4. Overload of Credits: Undergraduates wishing to enroll in more than 18 credits may do so by obtaining an Overload of Credit form from their Dean’s Office. The Dean’s Office will submit the approved form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

5. Part of Term Course Drop/Add: Students who wish to add or drop a "Part of Term" course must do so before the second class meeting.

6. Dual Enrollment: High School students who have completed their sophomore year with at least a 3.50 GPA are eligible to take beginning level courses under a Dual Enrollment Program. In order to participate in this program, students must be granted admission to the program by the Office of Admission. For registration information contact the Office of Academic Services at (509) 313-4072.

7. Senior Citizen Registration: Gonzaga encourages senior citizens over 62 years of age to register for undergraduate courses (without credit or record) as space is available. Registration requires proof of age. The student must obtain the instructor’s signature on the Senior Citizen Registration form available through the Registrar’s Office. There will be no tuition fees charged for regular classroom courses. When the course includes a lab, the required lab fee will be charged.

8. Students Returning from a Leave of Absence: E-mails will be sent by the Registrar's Office to students returning from Leave of Absence status. Students can use ZAGWEB registration beginning the first day of registration.

9. Students Returning from Study Abroad: By using the current PIN, students can register for the current term on ZAGWEB. Advising Release Numbers (ARN) are not required.

10. Students with Disabilities: For registration assistance, please contact Disability Resources, Education, & Access Management (DREAM). Students requesting academic adjustments and accommodations should schedule an appointment with the DREAM Office prior to the end of the previous semester. DREAM is located in Foley.

11. Veterans: Veterans or dependants who are receiving VA education benefits should contact Mike Grabowski, Veteran Advisor, Registrar’s Office, (509) 313-6596.

12. Audit: Students wishing to register with an audit grading option need to contact the Registrar’s Office by the dates determined in the Student/Advisor Action Guide here.

13. Non-Matriculated Students: Students who want to take courses without admission to Gonzaga and are not seeking a degree may enroll as non-matriculated students and register for the courses in the Registrar’s Office during the dates outlined in the Student/Advisor Action Guide here. Graduate non-matriculated students need to contact their program of interest for information and registration eligibility.  Click here to find the appropriate contact.


14. Change in Course Registration: Any change in a student’s course schedule after registration requires approval from the academic advisor. Courses may be changed only during the period indicated in the Student/Advisor Action Guide. Courses dropped during the official change of registration period do not appear on the student’s record; courses officially withdrawn after that period will appear on the transcript with a designation of "W" (Official Withdrawal).

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Zagweb Registration

24 hours a days, 7 days a week

1. Click on 'Enter Secure Area'.

2. Enter the  ID number (user name) and PIN.

3. Click on 'Student & Financial Aid'.

4. Click on 'Registration'.

5. If you know the CRNs of the courses for which you need to register, click on 'Add/Drop Classes'.

6. Click on 'Look up Classes to Add' if you don’t know the CRNs of your courses. Courses may be searched by subject, course number, instructor, start time, end time, or days.

7. Click on courses and add to worksheet.

8. After courses are selected to add, click on the 'Submit Changes' button.

9. If you have printer capabilities, a schedule may be printed by selecting 'Student Schedule by Day & Time' at the bottom of the Look Up Classes to Add' page, or via the registration menu, Class Search option.

10. Please use ZAGWEB feedback on the Registration Menu and tell us how it worked.

11. When you have completed your ZAGWEB session, be sure to click on the 'Exit' button in the upper right hand corner of your screen to ensure that any confidential information is cleared from your cache, then exit the browser normally. Using the 'Back' button or the 'Menu' option will not clear your cache.

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