Spokane Hotel Lodging Arrangements
Airfare Arrangements

Spokane Hotel Lodging Arrangements

When calling any of these hotels, make sure to mention that you are calling from Gonzaga and would like to hold a room with a purchase order number. If you do not, you could possibly be transferred to their general hotel line and those customer service representatives will be unable to help you.

After making the reservation, please submit the Purchase requisition to Purchasing Department

  • Through Banner online requisitions
  • Email scanned requisition(s) to purchasing@gonzaga.edu
  • Mail requisitions to AD Box 81

Make sure to include the guest's name, arrival and departure dates as well as the confirmation number.  Purchasing will then fax a purchase order to the designated hotel.

Hotel Phone Fax Banner #
Davenport Hotel 455 8888 624 4455 DAVHOT PO2
DoubleTree Hotel 455 9600 455 6285 DOUSPO PO5
Courtyard by Marriott 456 7600 456 0969 CTYIII PO1
Holiday Inn Express 328 8505 325 9842 BASHOS PO1
Oxford Suites 353 9000 353 9164 BANEY PO1
Red Lion River Inn 326 5577 326 1120 REDLIO04 PO2
Red Lion at the Park 236 8000 325 7329 REDLIO AP2


If you have any questions, please contact JoAnne Bruce.

Phone: x5649

Email: bruce@gonzaga.edu