Risk Management Committee

Committee Members

The Risk Management Committee meets monthly August through May of each year.  The members for the 14/15 Academic Year are:

  • Marcia Bertholf, Administrative Assistant, Vice President for Finance
  • Judith Biggs Garbuio, Vice President, Student Development
  • Gerry Bulger, Vice President, PayneWest Insurance
  • Dennis Colestock, Director Of Housing, Residence Life
  • Stuart Davis, Associate Director of Housing, Residence Life
  • Chuck Faulkinberry, Director of Hemmingson Center
  • Dave Gilbert, Outdoor and Risk Management Specialist, Student Development
  • Chris Gill, Chief Information Officer, ITS
  • Heather Gores, Associate Athletic Director, Athletics
  • Larry Hagel, Safety Programs Manager, Human Resources
  • Mary Joan Hahn, Director, Public Relations
  • Brian Kenny, Director, Security
  • Patricia Killen, Academic Vice President
  • Steve Lunden, Manager, Purchasing-Plant Services
  • Joe Madsen, Risk Manager
  • Marty Martin, Executive Vice President
  • Maureen McGuire, Corporation Counsel
  • Richard Menard, Director, Study Abroad
  • Chuck Murphy, Vice President for Finance
  • Cindy Perry, Office Coordinator, University Ministry
  • Raymond Reyes, Associate Academic Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Ken Sammons, Director, Plant Services
  • Dave Sonntag, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communication
  • Julie Ullrich, Manager, Plant Services
  • Kirk Wood-Gaines, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Office of Risk Management
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0069
Phone: 509.313.6445
Fax: 509.313.5199

Joe Madsen, Risk Manager

Charles Murphy, Vice President for Finance

Marcia Bertholf, Assistant to Vice President for Finance