Syllabi Statements

Syllabi Statements

Faculty syllabi statements relatedto disability access issues on the Gonzaga University campus arenot required by law, but are an excellent way to provide studentswith information regarding the process for obtaining academicadjustments and auxiliary aids.

The followingstatements have been compiled from various resources by DREAM.  They have been modified toinclude our contact information.  Feel free to adopt one ofthese examples as you make preparations for your classes.

If you need an accommodation basedon the impact of a disability, you should contact me to arrange anappointment as soon as possible. At the appointment we can discussthe course format, anticipate your needs and explore potentialaccommodations.  I relyon Disability Resources, Education, & Access Management (Foley203B, extension 4134) for assistance in verifying the need foraccommodations and developing accommodation strategies.  If you have not previouslycontacted DREAM, I encourage you to do so.

GonzagaUniversitywill make reasonable accommodationsfor persons with documented disabilities.  Students should notifyDisability Resources, Education, & Access Management located atFoley 203B, extension 4134 and their instructors of any specialneeds.  Instructorsshould be notified the first day of classes.

This university abides by Section504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which stipulates that nostudent shall be denied the benefits of an education "solely byreason of handicap." Disabilities covered by law include, but are not limited to,learning disabilities and hearing, sight, or mobilityimpairments.  If youhave a disability that may have some impact on your work in thisclass and for which you may require accommodations, please see meand contact Disability Resources, Education, & AccessManagement (Foley 203B, extension 4134) so that such accommodationsmay be arranged.

Any student with a documenteddisability needing academic adjustments or accommodations isrequested to speak with the professor within the first week of thecourse.  Alldiscussions will remain confidential.  If you have not yetcontacted Disability Resources, Education, & Access Management(Foley 203B, extension 4134), I encourage you to do so. 

If you have specific physical,psychiatric or learning disabilities and require accommodations,please let me know early in the semester so that your learningneeds may be appropriately met.  You will need to providedocumentation of your disability to Disability Resources,Education, & Access Management (Foley 203B, extension4134).