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Gonzaga's Academic Testing Center FAQ for Faculty
You can also email atc@gonzaga.edu or call x5535 for more details

How do students with testing accommodations through DREAM schedule exams in the Academic Testing Center?Students who have testing accommodations due to a documented disability use an online system to schedule their tests.  They are given instruction in the use of this program, and are counseled that tests must be scheduled according to listed times on syllabi, or as closely (overlapping) as possible in order for them to attend their other classes.  If it is not possible for them to get their full extended time, they are expected to negotiate with you to find a mutually agreed-upon time. They must schedule their tests three or more business days in advance; the system will not allow students to schedule outside of this parameter.How will I know who is using their accommodations, and when they are taking their tests?

Students must provide you with their accommodation letters if they wish to use testing accommodation.  When they schedule online, an automatic email is generated as notification to you, two days before the test.  This will give you the student's information and ask you to email the test back (or otherwise provide it) to the Academic Testing Center.  If the time that is listed on the email is not what you have agreed upon with the student, please contact the student or the ATC at x5535 as soon as possible.

How do I arrange for a student without DREAM accommodations to take a test in the ATC?

There are times when you might need to have an exam proctored due to student absence, or a range of other circumstances.  You may call the Academic Testing Center (x5535) to make an arrangement for any student to take a test. You may email a query to atc@gonzaga.edu, but this does not mean you have actually scheduled the test.  The Exam Proctor will send a confirmation email when the exam has been scheduled. You will need to let the center know the name of the student, your course code/number, your name and the time the student should take the test. As well, ATC needs to know the parameters for the test: how much time the student should have and any materials they are allowed.  Most importantly, you then need to deliver the test to the ATC - either through email or another means.

What does the ATC do to monitor student honesty in test taking?The ATC does not allow students to take backpacks, phones or any equipment other than what you have specified, into the testing center.  If a student is wearing sweatshirt or jacket with pockets, they are asked to show that nothing is in them.  Students sign an academic honesty statement for each exam.  On this, they also list anything they are taking into the testing area (pencils, calculators when allowed, etc.) The center is equipped with several security cameras that monitor all areas and all rooms, and record throughout open hours.  A proctor monitors these cameras, and also walks through the center.What happens if a student is suspected of academic dishonesty?

If ATC staff observe a breech of academic honesty, a student will surrender the test at that point and senior DREAM staff will attend.  Staff will document what has happened and contact the professor.  Together, DREAM senior staff and professors will determine how the breech should be handled. 

My student scheduled for a time to take the test at a time other than the class time - why did the ATC let them do that?

The Testing Center does not give permission to students to take an exam at any particular time or not - they assume the student has scheduled properly according to your class's parameters.  The email notification that is sent to you from the Testing Center gives you the opportunity to read over the planned exam date and time and voice any concerns to the ATC in advance so it can be addressed.

If the student has testing accommodations through the DREAM office, they may not be able to take the test at the same time as the rest of your class because of their extended time (e.g. they have three back to back classes, yours is the middle one, so they would not recieve their extended time).  In this situation the student is still expected to discuss this with you so you know what is going on.  If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact the DREAM office at x4134.  

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