GUST Course Offerings

BIOL 123/L               Human Ecology/Lab                                                           4cr

A study of the principles of ecology (including population dynamics, diversity and energy flow) and the impact humans have on the environment.  Designed for non-science majors.  BIOL 123 and 123 Lab are taken concurrently.  Also cross-listed with ENVS 103/ENVS 103L.  ENVS courses are for Environmental Studies majors.

 BIOL 140/L               Field Botany/Lab                                                                 4cr

Course includes systematic of flowering plants, plant communities of the Iland Northwest, sight identification of major plant families and selected topics in plant ecology.  A plant collection is required.  Two four-hour lectures/lab meetings per week and three, ten-hour field trips on Saturdays.  Designed for non-science majors.  BIOL 140 and 140 Lab are taken concurrently.  Also cross-listed with ENVS 110/ENVS110L.  ENVS courses are for Environmental Studies majors.

BUSN 111                   Business Computing                                                            2cr

This course introduces students to an integrated set of software tools to solve business problems and to communicate results.  Students learn to use spreadsheets, database systems, presentation software, Internet facilities (e.g., e-mail, newsgroups, FTP's, and Web browsers) to help improve problem-solving skills.  Additionally, students will learn about file management systems, operating systems, and how to incorporate Visual BASIC (VBA) for applications with Microsoft Office Suite.  Classroom lectures and hands-on computer use are employed to enhance learning.

 CHEM 101/L             General Chemistry                                                               4cr

A systematic treatment of the fundamental laws and theories of chemistry and their applications.  Designed for science and engineering majors.  Taken concurrently with CHEM 101L.

 ENGL 101                  English Composition                                                           3cr

This course is designed to help students express themselves effectively in writing.  Completion of the course may take more than one semester and will be based on the student's achievement of specific writing skills, ranging from the ability to write sound sentences to the mastery of basic organizational skills.

 ENGL 102               Intro to Literature                                                           3cr

Part of the University core curriculum and required of all undergraduates, this course exposes students to a range of literary genres and assists students in developing and articulating ideas about texts in oral and written form.

 HIST 102                    Survey of Western Civilizations II                                      3cr

A survey of European history from the seventeenth century to the present with emphasis on ideas, politics, and social changes.

 MATH 157                    Calculus-Analytic Geometry I                                    4cr

Functions, continuity, the derivative with application to curve sketching and maximum-minimum problems, introduction to limits, and the integral.

PHIL 101                    Critical Thinking                                                                  2cr

The philosophy component of the Thought & Expression sequence.  Focus on formal (syllogistic, propositional) and informal (fallacies, induction, etc.) logic.

PSYC 101                    General Psychology                                                              3cr

An overview of contemporary psychology which introduces the student to the following areas: human development, sensation perception, motivation, learning, emotion, psychological measurement, personality, biological basis of behavior, experimental psychology, intelligence, abnormal behavior, and personality.

RELI 124                    Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke                           3cr

A study of the synoptic gospels and their inter-relationship and independent development. 

 SPCO 101                    Intro to Speech Comm.                                                        2cr

Basic principles of speech communication for public address, small group, and interpersonal communication settings.  Emphasis on oral communication proficiency.

VART 101                   Drawing I                                                                              3cr

The graphic representation of visual reality in a variety of media; emphasis is directed toward an understanding of form, line, value, texture, and space.

 UNIV 115                   Strategy of College                                                                1cr

Designed specifically for GUST students, covers issues related to making a smooth transition from high school to the college learning environment.  Targeted for interaction and individualized attention, this course explores and explains the structure of college academic work, Gonzaga's unique academic traditions, learning styles, effective student strategies, as well as intensive and individualized academic advising and planning.

All successfully completed courses count toward graduation requirements and electives.  Courses listed are as of February 6, 2012.  They are not guaranteed to be open at the time we register you.  Registration materials are sent after receipt of the Confirmation Form and deposit.