Course Table

Use the table below to look up your courses and see how they count towards your Gonzaga degree. 

Your courses fulfill one or more of the following requirements: University Core, School/College Core (Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering and Applied Science, Education) and other.  You will see the applicable check mark underneath the core requirement(s) your course fulfills.  For course descriptions and degree/major requirements, see the 2015-16 Undergraduate Catalogue online. 

Table key:

Core = Gonzaga University Core
CAS = College of Arts & Sciences
ENG = School of Engineering & Applied Science
SOB = School of Business
SOE = School of Education
SNH = School of Nursing & Human Physiology

Courses Core CAS SOB
BIOL 105 & 105L         √  Major Specificª
BUSN 111            
CHEM 101 & lab     √    √  √  Major Specificª
COMM 100
COMM 184           √  Major Specificz
CPSC 121         √ 
ECON 201, 202   √         
Any EDSE            
EDTE 101, 101L            
ENGL 101, 102, 105, 106            
ENGL 201-285            
ENSC 100            
ENVS 101 & or 380            
Any ARAB, CHIN, FREN, GERM, GREK, ITAL, JPNE, LATN, or SPAN           √  300 level and above are typically Major specific.
HIST 101, 102, 112        
HONS 190, ENGL 103H, PHIL 102H             √  Required Honors Courses*
INMD 101 √ Major Specific
ITEC 101, 102, 201            
JOUR 110 √  Major Specific
MATHb (Any level, 100 or above)    
MILS 101, 101L, 103             √  Required ROTC courses
MUSC 161, 171, 175, 245, & 246       √  Meets your Fine Art Requirement
Any other MUSC              √  Activity Elective Course`
NURS 100           √  Major Specificª
PHIL 101            
PHYS 103, 103R, 103L     √      √  Major Specificª
Any POLS, PSYC, SOCI, ECON or CRIM 101     √  √  Meets your Social Science Requirement
RELI 105, 110, 111, 112, 120, 124            
THEA 100, 111       √  Meets your Fine Art Requirement
THEA 120, 124, 125             √  Activity Elective Course`
UNIV 104             √  One-credit elective^
VART 101, 112, 115, 141, & 190       √  Meets your Fine Art Requirement
WGST 200 or 300 Level Courses √  Requested Electives, Minor Specific
Various Depts with Course # 190: Freshman Seminar √  Requested Electives, Core, Major or Minor Specific

Special Notes:

ª  Engineers and health science students may have one or more of the following: Biology/Chemistry/Physics.  Non-science majors do not take a science course in the first semester.

b   Engineers, Mathematics, Chemistry, Human Physiology, Nursing, and some social science majors will take Mathematics in their first semester.  Other students may be placed in a mathematics course first semester, schedule permitting, but many students will not take a mathematics course first semester. 

z  These courses are major specific and available to students with AA degrees or transfer credits.  Availability in these courses for freshmen is extremely limited.

*  Required courses for Honors Program students. These courses are program specific and open to program students only.

`  One-credit activity courses (MUSC, THEA, EDPE) are optional.  You may have opted into one of these in the initial registration survey.  You may also add/drop these during Schedule Change Times.  These courses do count toward graduation.

^  UNIV 104 (Pathways) is a recommended freshman class emphasizing academic planning and making connections to other students, faculty, administration and staff in the GU community.  Space is limited.  This course does count toward graduation.  Biology and Math majors are required to take this course.