Foreign Language Placement Exam

Dear Student,

This page provides you with instructions to take the online foreign language placement exam for students interested in taking Spanish, French or German during their studies at Gonzaga. First, however, please read the Academic Honesty Policy that the Department of Modern Languages asks you to observe while you take the test.  

Academic Honesty Policy 

Follow the same rules for Academic Honesty as you would for any test. Do not seek help from friends or roommates, and do not refer to any materials - textbook, dictionary, etc. - as you take this test.  It is only for placement and will be used for no other purpose. The Modern Languages Department simply wants to have the most accurate score possible in order to ensure that you are placed in the class that is most suitable for your level. Do not take the test more than once, and do not share the password with anyone else.    


To access the exam, go to the link:  Enter the password (bouledogue), then click on Log in. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to choose a language from a drop down menu. Select the language you are studying, then click "Begin." You will first take a short survey. Please fill it out as accurately as possible. It provides us with background about your previous study of language and helps us make a placement decision. Following the survey, there is one practice item to help you understand how the test works, and then the test officially begins. 

If you experience any technical difficulties, or have questions about the test, please direct them to Ben Semple, who supervises the placement test (; 509-313-6721). 

Thank you for pursuing the study of language at Gonzaga University. 

 Rebecca Stephanis
Chair, Department of Modern Languages