Academic Planning

Your academic success is paramount to all of us, which is why you should start planning your studies now rather than later. By doing this early in your academic career, you will save yourself time and money by avoiding a possible extra semester or two--it has happened!

We want you to be prepared and on top of your academic planning. Remember that you are responsible for knowing what courses are required of you and your major. Together with your academic advisors, we are here to help you, but not to do it for you.

Creating an Academic Plan to Graduation

We've created a document to help you plan your studies at Gonzaga. This PDF document will help you map out your coursework with simple step-by-step instructions, as well as gives you information on general requirements, directs you to other resources (like degree worksheets, the Undergraduate catalogue, Study Abroad website, etc.). 

When you've worked your way through your plan to graduation, we want to see your work, a sort of checks and balances system, to ensure you've met your requirements, planned for study abroad carefully, and take note of certain academic policies and restrictions, like double-counting, the 104 arts & sciences credit rule, and the minor requirement for Public Relations majors, just to name a few. 

Download the Academic Planning document

When you've completed your plan to graduation, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with an academic planning expert in Academic Advising & Assistance. Just print out the Academic Planning document, fill out your plan and call to schedule your academic planning appointment. 

Please note: You must print the PDF and bring it with you, or scan and send it to us via e-mail. To submit forms, schedule your appointment, or ask questions, please click here.

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