Indoor Facilities

The mansion and grounds are exclusively yours during your event. However, depending on your specific event requirements, you will not necessarily be granted access to every space. The spaces you are permitted to use will be outlined in the Usage Agreement.

Kitchen: The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a chest freezer, a microwave, a coffee urn and a range with two gas burners and two ovens. There is no garbage disposal or dishwasher. You will need to provide your own serving and cookware as well as dish cleaning supplies. The kitchen is available for your use during your scheduled time only. Please allow ample time for set up and clean up when you make your reservation. Due to the high demand of the facility, last minute requests for additional time to set up and/or clean up may not be granted.

Catering: You may select the caterer of your choice to provide food for your event. Please refer to the Vendors page to see a list of caterers that have served at Bozarth, however we offer no endorsements. Caterers must supply all of the food preparation and food serving equipment. If is your responsibility, as specified in the Usage Agreement, to ensure that the caterer cleans the kitchen as outlined in the Policies and Procedures page. Since the caterer is your contractor, any charges resulting from improper cleaning or damage will be charged to you, not the caterer. Please provide your caterer with the "User/Caterer Information Sheet" enclosed in the Event Guide that will be mailed to you and discuss with them who will be responsible for set-up, teardown, and cleaning. This will help eliminate any confusion prior to or at the end of your event.

Telephone: There is a courtesy phone located in the hallway leading from the living room to the kitchen.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms in the mansion are located in the main foyer, brides room, grooms room, guest room, basement, and in the "Servant's Wing". The bathrooms in the residence hall are located in each wing on both first and second floors. The bathroom in the mansion main foyer is accessible from the front entry. Wheel chair accessible restroom facilities are located off the main kitchen across from the office. The residence hall is also wheel chair accessible with wheel chair accessible restrooms on the main level.

Fireplace: Two gas fireplaces are located in the mansion; a large fireplace in the living room and a smaller fireplace in the library. Please request in advance if you would like to use the fireplaces during your event. The Bozarth Staff may at any time deny the use of the fireplaces depending on the type of event, number of guests, and the season of the year.

Disabled Access: The mansion and residence hall were constructed at a time when little consideration was afforded to persons with disabilities due to the second story levels of both buildings. However the main levels of each building are accessible and wheel chair accessible restrooms are located in both buildings on the first floors. The Bozarth Staff is committed to make each event as enjoyable as possible and will assist in any reasonable way. Guests requiring access assistance should feel free to ask the Bozarth Staff for help. Assisted wheelchair access into the mansion is available via the ramp located in front of the mansion and a ramp on the east side of the mansion. Access into the residence hall is available via a ramp located on the front of the building.

Furniture: Most of the furniture in the mansion may be moved with the prior consent of Bozarth Management. The piano, bar, marble table in the entry, and the grandfather clock are not to be moved. All furniture moved in preparation for or during the event must be returned to its original location at the conclusion of the event.