About Zags in Zambia

The Republic of Zambia in Southern Africa is a “twinned province” with the Oregon Province of Jesuits, which includes Gonzaga University. A “twinned province” is an agreement of mutual support that involves sharing manpower and resources to advance new models of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Recognizing the universal scope of our Catholic faith and the need to be a person for others throughout the world, Gonzaga University currently offers three study abroad programs in Zambia as part of our “Zags in Zambia” effort.  Additionally, we have a non-profit initiative, the Zambia Gold Honey Project started by our Comprehensive Leadership Program to bring fair-trade honey to the United States. All three study abroad programs in Zambia give Gonzaga students an awareness of the great cultural and social richness of Africa while providing hands-on opportunities to address the economic and environmental challenges faced by so many local communities around the world.

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